Sword of the Sextant

CompassBlade.jpg The Sword of the Sextant is a sentient item that contains the consciousness of a long dead navigator. The sword can telepathically communicate with its owner. The sword has the following personality traits.

  • Neutral Good
  • 15 INT, 15 WIS, 10 CHA
  • Desires to see places it has never been
  • Speaks and reads Common and Elvish. Reads Dwarvish and others.

The sword acts as a +1 shortsword with the following additions. Once per day, the wielder can ask the sword to calculate the travel distance to any place that the wielder has previously visited. The sword will calculate the distance and travel time by foot, flight, and water.

Can be used as a set of Navigator’s Tools.

Currently wielded by Rolf the Red.

Sword of the Sextant

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