Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 39: The Lost City of Xxiphu

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

Ghaisek tries to talk to his deity and goes temporarily insane. Kuda learns about the Lord of Bones in his astrolabe while crafting some armor. Rolf and his Sextant Sword work together to navigate the ship to Xxiphu, and there the next day. Kuda investigates the astrolabe again and it’s Kezef, a running dog (Chaos Hound). Rolf gives the Scimitar of Speed to Gaemon as Kuda casts water breathing on everyone, and then we swim down. Ghaisek sends imp ahead and Timothy swims first; they see Sea Elves standing still around a fountain. Rolf motivates the crew with song. Through Cali’s eyes, they seem not all there. Timothy tries to tie up one of them; the others start moving at the exact same time. We fight! Kuda is a octopus and puts out ink as we all swim around and fight them as they come. Some kelp creatures seem to form and attack us– Rolf uses Universal Speech to parley– the kelp creatures say they are protecting the elves as they are controlled by the Guy in the Eye. The kelpies tell us the eye is north– we convince the kelpies to restrain the remaining elves and we’ll go free the elves; said they’d be friends if we save the elves. We agree! And we ride the floating disk hanging on behind Gaemon’s Hippocamp mount and quickly traverse the sea north! When we arrive at the hole, Kuda tries to explore the glowing plants that are all around; Rolf helps with Nature knowledge. Ghaisek investigates the hole. We’re unsure what the plant is, but the vine lashes out. Grapples Rolf– fight at the Eye of Xxiphu!

Session 40: Aboleth Ahoy

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We fight the assassin vines. As we kill them, something sucks up water from below. Kuda summons a wall of force below us to keep it down for longer. When it does swim up and is stopped by Tim’s mask, it psychically overtakes Rolf, who turns on his friends. Preston summons a dragon again. Buoy is killed by an assassin vine and Kuda gets revenge. Rolf is commanded to attack Preston, and Gaemon is forced to intervene. The aboleth then swims out from under the wall to attack the now-exposed Gaemon. Ghaisek chooses to be attacked by vines instead of Rolf. Timothy also gets controlled by the aboleth, and is commanded to attack Kuda. A spectral being lunges at Ghaisek out of the assassin vine. Preston’s dragon hits the aboleth, Gaemon, and Rolf, which knocks Rolf back to normal. Rolf pierces aboleth with an upcast Psychic Lance, and Gaemon mops it up. We then take the time to chop up the assassin vines. We reconnect our mental link and hug each other, then swim down to the aboleth corpse. We dig and find a melon-sized orb filled with stars– Identify finds it a Wildspace Orrery– tracks stellar bodies! Gaemon harvests some body parts from the aboleth corpse. Then we go back, and all the elves are freed and ready for dancing! And an orgy! We warn them about the future coming warriors also trying to get the eye.

Session 41: Back to the Bluff

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf)

We awake on the ship and have scenes: Ghaisek has a dream: 10 tentacles, and large suction bruises on torso. When he awakes, he meditates, and hears a voice “Redeem my people”. Goes to Kuda for help. Kuda looks in his book– (Skarkafel?) a Chosen of Umberlee was a Kraken Wizard, which led to the Kraken Society (at war with Hecaton- Giants’ king). They dither then ask the guy we recruited for more information (kuda sucks him off for more info): 10 years ago the KrakSoc had upheaval– trying to find strange materials and focus on Sea of Fallen Stars (opposed to Trackless Sea)— SECRET– Timothy is from the Ruathym, south of the Purple Rocks islands!! Timothy pulls Ghaisek to the side and tells him about how he’s got a Warlock Patron; Ghaisek shares a mental memory of the voice. Out of Body Experience for the two of them– ghostly tentacles spout out of his back and touch where his earring used to be. The voice sounds familiar to Timothy. He still doesn’t respond when Timothy asks. The feeling ends, and a black tentacle earring is in his ear now. Timothy hesitates then spills his historical beans to Kuda in private– the patron, the earring, and the pseudo-betrayal. Kuda, of course, forgives him, and Timothy cries. They make a plan to tell Rolf what’s up. Rolf has a conversation with a bird. Timothy and Kuda come back and Rolf is stalled– he decided to punch him, then wrap him in a big hug and kiss while whispering “that must’ve been really scary”. All is forgiven! What’s the next step. Rolf requests we don’t pray to any extra dieties… and no more secrets… that’ll fuck up the crew! Of course Ghaisek sneaks by once again. Later, Kuda studies his astrolabe- the new constellations go dark, then calm, then sees a constellation of himself as stars “you have found balance” “where do i go from here” “wherever you wish”— can now control the Red Astrolabe at will. A promise of a transformation before fading. As we return, theres a very large old ship and a lot of commotion. They’re in our parking spot. Underside seems messed up bad, by nature. Timothy comes back and Ghaisek sends Caliban– men women and children look malnourished. Referenced as Refugees. Rolf runs to help, and the rest follow. We notice a smaller ship rigging the larger ship to pull it away. Food and water for refugees (kuda goes there), carry objects, and rigging the ship. Rolf chooses heavy stuff- food is spoiled, and Rolf pauses (MEMORY). Sees emblem of Lioncauster mercantile, and carries the nailed container down the gangplank. Property of Baron Aldorn Thuregar. Timothy goes to help with the ship rigging– suggest burning the ship down, then investigates the ship further. Harbormaster is approached by Ghaisek– the ship was floating out at sea yesterday. Ship seems to have come from Sespech– on their way to Empilner– illness through crew and something fucked up the sail. Tells crew mentally what’s up. Kuda goes to the waterline to Shape Water to push the ship away. Preston goes to Captain’s quarters to look for stuff– smells rotting flesh and sees corpse on the bed– captain likely got sick. Preston levitates the corpse and balloons it to get a proper burial. Dockmaster denies the body to leave the ship. Preston goes in reverse and tucks him into bed. Once done, Kuda pushes the ship with Control Water, Preston uses the Staff of the 4 Winds, Ghaisek uses Fireball, and Timothy commands the rope be cut, while Rolf bardically inspires the crew to improve the plan. The ship is successfully destroyed away from the dock. We start to leave…Timothy asks and they were out for at least 3 tendays. They have lesions. Roughly 35 people, some common some noble. Rolf commands some uppity nobles to sit with his Thaumaturgy voice. Preston, Kuda, and Timothy see a micro-response from them besides their fear and Timothy tells Ghaisek to detects thoughts– surface: surprise at seeing Rolf. Deeper thoughts– that’s the second Lupin they’ve seen. Location- on ship, dark fur, big ears, large patches of missing fur. Ghaisek pulls us off to the side and minor Illusions: Hey Rolf, have you seen him before? DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

Session 42: Blasts from the Past

As told by Gaemon Swallows

(Ghaisek informed me of findings in my absences)
Skarkafel-Founder of Kraken society
A Chosen of Umberlee, was a Kraken Wizard, last known resided in the West ocean

Having just woken up from a drunken stupor arriving at port, Gaemon recalls what he can of the current happenings

While in port, the crew found a ship of individuals all infected with a terrible illness
Thick liquid running down their face, we discerned this to be the spotted plague
I followed with Kuda as he went to attend the crew, to see what relief we could provide
Kuda would not let me kill them, but we did find we could cure their disease
Kuda seemed pissed as I cleansed these peoples, must be because of how awesome I am

Seeing these people suffer, Rolf was brought visions of his past, but he was not keen to share so quickly

Ghaisek wandered off, always keeping an eye on that one…
Kuda and Rolf followed shortly after, going to speak to the dockmaster it seemed

Then they all got naked… In the middle of the day and the dock
Hott but odd
I decided to wander over and see what was happening, Kuda said he wished to have no hiding, and “bring the truth”
So naturally I cast zone of truth
What a great day, I get to be useful, naked, and possibly expose this likely evil Warlock we have been traveling with
Ghaisek spoke of his deeds in truth and while some questionable choices here and there, overall his goals and mind still aligns with our quest
Not the outing I expected but probably for the best

Rolf spoke of seeing his past tribe suffering
Individuals missing fur, flesh rot, pain and fear
We learned where our Captain truly hailed from, The Anauroch-Desert

Some other words I heard through the fog of the hangover…
Water helm
Black road
The Dogs have Mange

He specifically saw the face of an old comrade, the captain of the guard, whom had taught him the ways of sword play and obviously the captain wanted to fuck him
Grothier Beastbane, he was a strong respectable canine, from the Anauroch desert
Rolf explained that he ran away from his tribe and the disease that seemed to follow every settlement they moved

Ghaisek also observed a beast running off into town from the ship that we missed
He sent Kaliban invisible to chase down the Lupin, where chase ended the being was slumped down in an alley in pain clearly

With some needed recharging before healing the rest of the ship
We made way into town, to gather some supplies before addressing this possibly aggressive fiend
Maybe a drink to clear the head first as well


Session 43: Reunited with Verbig the Helpful

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We go to Verbig’s before confronting Grotheir. Kuda puts some ice around and rides Verbig (for a discount!). Rolf distracts Timothy by having him suck his dick so he doesn’t steal from Verbig. When they cum the ice explodes into snow around the room. Verbiage comes back with Rod of Pactkeeper for Ghaisek and Prayer beads for Kuda, in addition to a fancy tattooing needle with inks that allow for adding charges to tattooed spells! Tells us his old assistant was too much of a prude. Rolf gets a +2 Rhythm Maker’s drum, gives his Brazen Bulwark shield to Gaemon, who in exchange pays for Rolf’s new Shield of the Order of the Silver Dragon. Preston trades in his wand for a Bloodwell vial and purchases a Cape of the Mountebank, which has a slot for his astral shard. Timothy gets an amulet of health. Gaemon bought ropes of entanglement. Rolf buys health potion and a case of wine. Timothy buys gaseous form potions. Kuda buys rockie talkies. Suddenly– Grothier storms in… “SWIFTCLAW you abandoned your pack, you must pay the price” and the whole crew is ready to throw down. Rolf tries to say “outside” but gaemon throws a rope of entanglement, which works! He tries to escape but is trapped in an ice sheath and we discuss who he is and how Rolf ran from the pack. Timothy totally understands why Rolf ran and blames Beastbane. Kuda tries to be nice and asks for more explanation. Beastbane says few are remaining and Rolf starts to stand up for himself, then falters and Timothy jumps in to defend him. Kuda says Rolf has a new pack and offers our help to stop the plague, but Beastbane reiterates– it’s just him and Rolf left. Kuda uses his new beads–Greater Restoration on the Captain. Rolf claims his name: Arolfus Swiftclaw. Owns up to fleeing, but says he is not that pup anymore, and if there is no pack there is nothing left to punish. Verbig helps and casts calm emotions, aiding Rolf’s persuasion. “We will help who we can. Will you help us help them?” He bemoans his loneliness and says he will help, and Rolf accepts. We sniff butts. In response to Rolf’s confidence, Kuda gets on a knee and asks Rolf to collar him with the prayer beads, and Rolf accepts, where they’ll keep each other safe, and Rolf mends a moonstone to the prayer beads necklace in promise, which morphs the necklace into a sleeker design.

Session 44: Passing the Time

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We spend some downtime. Rolf checks in on the crew and converses with Captain Beastbane about our respective adventures– reassuring how happy they are with being a crew (4 individuals scared of leaving so far from home into space. Double and triple check, and give them time to process). Tim writes a letter to his dad with help from Kuda (whose dick he then sucks) and researches his Patron with help from Rolf and Kuda. Kuda finishes his armor. Ghaisek is debaucherous; sees a half orc and a drag queen at some new manacles; finds Scorpio (see past session) and a new victim (calls himself Hole) to manacle and enjoy. The Hole’s rune tattoos glow and he experiences some goood shit– out of this world orgasm (vision of Ghaisek and Scorpio were different). Gives a stone (Patron) to Scorpio then sends him away to ask The Hole about the trick. Wild magic; asks him to come with us to the stars during aftercare but is refused. Gaemon goes to the bar: meets Adonicus Willingham (speaks like a royal), a Hippo-man called a Gith who speaks of his ancestors’ travels through the Wildspace. Talks about finding portals. Mention space guppies and space sharks and space whales. Wandering clans, including a living ship of beholders, giant nautiloids with Mind Flayers. Space clowns and Astral Elves. Preston helps Kuda apply Magic eye barnacles to the bottom of the ship- this’ll take about ten days with 8 casters to set up the matrix.

– We start our travel to fuck up the Kraken Society. Gaemon sees SOMETHING glowing on the horizon. Ghaisek in the cabins, but nobody else sees it. Preston tastes/smells something OFF in the air–decay. Timothy in the water- undead sharks in the water. Kuda sees a hole where the stars don’t align right. Rolf notices a few days in some crew members acting oddly- at odd with previous conversations– Just standing staring for a few minutes (up to 40) in the direction we’re going, 5 of them especially. Rolf counters with Countercharms on his new drums.