Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward

Pure of heart, Dumb of ass, and Thick of... well, everything. Awooo!


Red-brown fur with caramel highlights covers this blue-eyed Lupine Bard. Tall pointed ears are pierced with hoops, and a bandana and eyepatch keep his wild hair and the sun out of his eyes, respectively. An expressive bushy tail swishes behind him as he walks, and the scent of salt and sea hangs strongly around him. At his left hip, he keeps The Sword of the Sextant and an Iceblink called the Lunar Bone Chiller in a Moonstone-mended scabbard. At his right hip, he keeps a Rhythm Maker’s Drum and his horagai (a conch-shell horn). Along his back he carries the Shield of the Silver Dragon. Mostly wears clothes or armor, including a bloodstained adamantine breastplate, as a protective layer while boating or fighting, but still prefers unbuttoned shirts, loose pants, or nothing at all, when he has the total choice. Does not wear shoes; prefers the feel of his paws on the wood of the boat or the soil of the ground. Will gladly show you his darkly furred chest, and/or his bulging muscles, and encourages touching. A lot of touching.

Current Gear

Age: 37
Height: 6’ 5"
Weight: 237 lbs
Dick size/features: 10" long, 3" around, 6" around with the knot. Canine shaped. Red. When not erect, retracts in his sheath (sheath and balls covered in dark brown fur).

Personality Traits
My language is as foul as an otyugh nest.
To me, a tavern brawl is a nice way to get to know a new city.
Bruises heal and scars are sexy.

Freedom. The sea is freedom — the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. (Chaotic)
Respect. The thing that keeps a ship together is mutual respect between captain and crew. (Good)

The pack I left behind… The sea is my refuge now.

Once someone questions my courage, I never back down no matter how dangerous the situation.

Rolf’s given name is Aroulfus Swiftclaw. Pack family from the Deserts of Anauroch intended him to become a warrior of the plains they roamed, but after encountering travelers from abroad, hearing their stories of the sea, he couldn’t contain his curiosity. Pack bonds were broken, and he hasn’t seen his family since. Still cares about the Lupinin pack he left behind, but also does not wish to return to the desert.
>Update: Rolf’s curiosity was only one part of his leaving. The idea of the slow destruction of the cities near the Swamps reminded him of his Pack; they were stagnating, not adapting to a dangerous threat, and Rolf couldn’t stand to see it happen.
> Update: The threat was the Spotted Plague. Grothier Beastbane (the former captain of the guard) is one of two survivors… the other being Rolf.

Sexual Orientation and Partner Preferences
-Pansexual. Generally interested in powerful hairy men bottoming for him and sarcastic quick-witted women holding him at sword point, but anyone willing to play is fair game.
-Polyamorous (see Ideal: Freedom)
>Update: Has collared Kuda of the Bara with a moonstone-mended Prayer Bead set and considers Timothy an equally trusted partner.

-BDSM (he thinks the S stands for Swords)
-Transformation (“did you know some Lupinin can transform into HUMANS? WILD!!” “do you mean Werewolves?” “You HAVE heard of them!” wags tail)
-Group Play, emphasis on the Play.

-Pregnancy (“commitment? to an INFANT? NOPE”)
-Scat (“not worth cleaning the fur for”)
-Bloodletting (“battle wounds excepted, and I always have a cure spell handy for aftercare”)
-Rape (consent is required, or you’ll meet my blade [not the fun one.])



Calls himself Rolf the Red in regards to his red-brown fur and his red wolf dick. Will say the former casually, and the latter as a pickup line. Often.

Rolf loves the sea, traveling in ships and smelling the salt in the air. Will gladly do the menial tasks of rope-rigging and deck-swabbing, as it keeps his physicality in top form. Enjoys climbing the crows nest, and his howling at the sign of danger has helped his crews before.

Rolf loves freedom; exclusive ties to a person or place make him uncomfortable, though that doesn’t prevent him from making connections of all sorts. Genuinely prefers struggle over comfort, and will gravitate toward situations with challenge (the sea, a bar brawl, new sexual partners, etc.).

Rolf loves swordsmanship; a showoff and a braggart, will take very little egging on to perform a feat of strength or sword prowess (in every sense). When focused, he’s like a wolf possessed, entirely in rhythm with his powerful slashes and footwork. Once the swords are put away though, he’s a bit more brawn than brains. Will absolutely attempt to make up for this if pressured or egged on.

Rolf wants to be an inspiration; camaraderie between crewmates keeps things flowing, and battle as a team makes him howl with joy.

Rolf does not like talking about his life before he took up swords and ships. To him, that was an incomplete Lupine boy, and not the man he is. He will make it clear it’s not a tragic backstory, but also will get aggressive if pressed about it. Actively does not give out his pack’s name; they’re not his family.

Rolf is incessantly horny and will gladly mate with most folks, though he will only willingly bottom for those who have bested him in some way (preferably melee combat, which he will highly encourage as a way to determine roles).

Bardic Patron
Working for ships keeps his musical and swordsy activities funded. Currently employed by Barkus Esteem and captains the crew of the Vicious Seaward

Bardic Embarrassments
LISTEN the DECK was SLIPPERY and the SWORD was OFF BALANCE. YOU try juggling 3 swords in a storm, if you think it’s so easy! No, make it 4!”

Bardic College
Rolf has applied to college… though anyone looking at the application would be confused as to WHICH college. A multiple page, sloppily written essay (“THE BOAT KEPT MOVING”) on the joy of Swords and Sword-Play (“IT’S A SEX JOKE TOO!”) could easily apply to many Bardic Colleges, and Rolf isn’t the best at “reading” or “critical thinking” or “following basic application instructions”…
UPDATE: Turns out the College of Eloquence LOOOOVED his essay for his enthusiasm and extravagance, and the world needs great wordplay.

Accomplished Dreams
Dream (social): Rolf wants to be the captain of his own pirate crew.- Accomplished!!
Dream (social): Rolf wants to be the center of an orgy.- Accomplished on the boat with his crew!
Dream (item): Rolf wants a musical horn or drum that inspires his allies or causes fear in his enemies.— Has acquired a +2 Rhythm Maker’s Drum

Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward

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