Rick Weens (crew member)


5’10", blonde hair that refuses to stay combed. One look at his clothes and hands tells you this will be his first experience with hard work. One look at the hopeful and innocent look in his eyes tells you he doesn’t know what actually lies out there on the dangerous seas.

Having grown up with relative comfort and privilege, he is a little nervous, especially to join the crew with so many non-humans.


Young and idealistic, Rick Weens has been hanging around the docks for years, much to the chagrin of his wealthy parents.

Rick is the middle son of a Cleric of Lathander. His older brother and young sister are eager to join the family business and like their father have never understood Rick’s obsession with all things pirate.

He has always dreamed of being a pirate and is looking forward to the swashbuckling romance he knows he’ll encounter now that he has joined the crew of the Viscous Seaward

Rick Weens (crew member)

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