Standing just over 6 feet tall Ghaisek appears human at first glance with black hair and olive skin. However, closer inspection reveals reptilian slit pupils, a forked tongue, and patches of skin covered in scales. Weighing in around 170 they appear to be a lithe package of tightly corded muscles.

They are wearing black dyed clothes made from fine cambric linen. The trousers are quite well fitted (they’ve got an incredible ass, it’d be a crime not to show it off) with a small piece of black fabric hanging from the back left pocket; but are otherwise plain. Their tunic is made from the same exquisite material with faint traces of silver embroidery that a knowing eye might recognize as stylized versions of arcane runes and symbols of Asmodeus. The tunic is much more flowing and loose and is open to the midpoint of their chest.

Their boots are knee high and are a deep dark red that nearly appears black (the color of spilled blood by the light of the moon). The boots are embossed with bits of silver that reflect the imagery of the embroidery on the tunic.

Ghaisek also wears a pair of leather straps in the same color as their boots. The straps are about an inch wide and an eighth of an inch thick and connect from the heel of each boot and wrap around the legs until they attach at the belt.


Ghaisek, like many Yuan-Ti Purebloods was sent from their tribe in Tashalar to function as a spy and potentially an assassin among the “cattle”. However, after spending several years immersed in societies out of their tribe they began to reject the hereditary ideals of racial superiority espoused by their tribe. A desire for power while maintaining at least the guise of autonomy led them to make a pact with Asmodeus himself. This nascent Patron/Warlock relationship has proven lucrative so far, but Ghaisek acknowledges that some form of reckoning is inevitable. A beast grows within, constantly hungering for expanded power. The desire for power is strong, but so is the desire to keep the beast caged. Evil should be destroyed and sometimes it takes one to know one. The last several months have been spent sailing with a very lively and genuinely entertaining crew of fantastically over the top adventurers and they look forward to further shenanigans and fuckery.

Other Details

Ghaisek enjoys the freedom that adventure affords along with the opportunities to cleanse darkness from the world. Ultimately, Ghaisek believes their choice to make a pact with Asmodeus has put them beyond redemption. That doesn’t mean they can’t make a better world for others…even if they’ll never get to live there themselves.

Personality Traits
I refuse to become a victim, and I will not allow others to be victimized.

I’m a monster that destroys other monsters, and anything else that gets in my way. (Evil)

There’s evil in me, I can feel it. It must never be set free.

I have certain rituals that I must follow every day. I can never break them.

Orientation & Preferences

Pansexual as hell. They find people attractive based more upon their personality and character than their physical likeness. Their primary kinks run the gamut of the BDSM scene, everything from gentle restraints and sensory deprivation all the way to restrictive hog ties and blood play. They do have a few “primary types” that, all else being equal, would be their preference. But at the end of the day their a Trysexual, they’ll try anything once and often twice.

Soft twinkie bois
Hard beefy women
Anyone with an interesting personality
Good stories

Pointless cruelty
Violations of consent


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