Geof Karlsson (crew member)


5’8" Coal black hair that on his aged-too-fast face looks like it may be dyed even though the few hints of grey tells you it isn’t. Geof has that rough-hewed body that comes not from deliberate effort but working at a physical job.

Takes a while to warm up to people, but always tries to be freindly. Once he considers you a friend, may ask for things from you….little things.

Don’t loan him money


Somewhere on that cusp of where the overindulgence of youth has started to turn tragic, Geof has burned many bridges with family and friends. A competent crew member, he keeps his head down and does his job, usually well. After less drinks than you would think, he starts to lose his inhibitions and makes every effort to be the life of the party.

Geof Karlsson (crew member)

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