The Great Shielder!


Bronzefist is the current Shielder and leader of the Greathorn Minotaur of the Earthspur Mountains.

Bronzefist is missing the lower half of his left arm and wears a custom forged bronze prosthetic in its place.


Bronzefist met Barkus Esteem many years ago when Bronzefist was still trying to prove himself as worthy to lead his clan. His father disapproved of the fact that Bronzefist refused to take wives and seemed much more preoccupied with spending times with the younger male minotaurs. Barkus was traveling the Moonsea trying to find meaning in life after Bear Wingate’s death. The two unlikely allies found comfort in each other’s company. In the process they both taught each other how to become stronger individuals. Their bond gradually became both emotional and physical.

Barkus at one point has pleaded with Bronzefist to leave with him and travel the seas looking for adventure. However, Bronzefist was dedicated to his clan and with his new found confidence, he realized that he needed to stand up to his father and become the Shielder that he needed to be.


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