Kuda of the Bara

First Mate, then snuggle


Kuda stands about 5’7" on finned goat legs. His furry chest is covered in tattoos depicting the constellations of Faerun, and a blue tinted finhawk set between his horns crests the holy symbol of the Bara’s patron goddess Selune inked on his face. He has multiple silver piercings dotting his muscled frame.

Since apparently you have to wear clothes in most towns, he sticks primarily close to nothing at all. He is usually wearing a sharkskin harness and pauldron with only a kelp cloth covering a noticeable bulge.

He carries little with him other than his decanter of endless water, driftwood staff, and a sharkskin haversack containing his tools and camp gear.

Kuda is able to shift into his star form by using Moon Cosmic Powerrrr



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Kuda spent his early years traveling the seas learning about the stars, leather, and kink with his orgy of satyrs known as the Bara. During the last capricorn moot, he saw written in the stars that his destiny lay across the sea. With a wet and sloppy farewell, he hitched a ride on a passing pirate ship acting as the onboard entertainment.

Kuda loves the open ocean and exploring the Sea of Fallen Stars. He can salivate over a map as easily as a nice dick. He has a smattering of ex boyfriends in every port but still misses his Bara family. He keeps Buoy, his land shark pup, close and considers him family.

His daily rituals include starting each day with a drink of endless water and consulting his star map to understand his whorescope for the day. He ends each day reflecting on what the stars unfolded and works to create something to help in the future. Selune’s stars shined upon him, and he now walks the path to become one of her clerics. He tattoos a star on his face for each event he considers worthy of this path, and he will consider himself initiated once Selune’s holy symbol is complete.


Other Details


Personality Traits
Rituals bring me great comfort. I begin each day reading the stars to glimpse into the possibilities of the day, and I end each day working on a craft to bring something new into the world. Each ritual involves a brief but elaborate set up to create a space for these sacred works.

I see the past and future possibilities together, and I collect tokens of meaningful encounters to work into my creations. It is important to me to weave together the stories of what was into the creation of something useful in the future.

I follow the path i feel the stars reveal (Chaotic). I believe that everyone has place in the world (Good).

The stars showed I am destined to follow a path not well travelled, and I am trying to discover what that is.

I am distracted with glimpses of possible futures that it is difficult to be present in the moment.

Orientation & Preferences

Gay poly vers switch.. all manner of kinks (bondage, rope, hot wax, electricity, fire, flogging, tattoos, boots & socks, etc). 9×6 dick


  • Big beefy (race unimportant)
  • Small twinky (race unimportant)
  • Everything in between
  • Orcs


  • Arrogance
  • Fishy smells
  • Being on land too long
  • Gaping maws

Memorable Moments:

  • Glowy healy sharky business
  • “Oh the hammer is coming..” Kuda: “And to be clear, the hammer is my penis”
  • Hey sexy Rexy! It’s morphin time!
  • Orcish Porktry Club – newly inducted and will tweet with animal messenger with updates. Taught them the magic word, “Chwazi”
  • “It was wise to give the ticket to the wisest person in the room. It was not, however, smart.” – Kuda. In parrot form.

Star Tattoos:

1. Slaying the Big Black Kraken
2. Creating a Selûnite Shrine in the Flooded Forest
3. Saving Bronzefist
4. Polymorphed T-Rexes slay Neolithid
5. Learning to channel combined spell power through the star crystal and.creating safe passage through the storm wall with the help of his friends

Kuda of the Bara

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