Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 44: Passing the Time

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We spend some downtime. Rolf checks in on the crew and converses with Captain Beastbane about our respective adventures– reassuring how happy they are with being a crew (4 individuals scared of leaving so far from home into space. Double and triple check, and give them time to process). Tim writes a letter to his dad with help from Kuda (whose dick he then sucks) and researches his Patron with help from Rolf and Kuda. Kuda finishes his armor. Ghaisek is debaucherous; sees a half orc and a drag queen at some new manacles; finds Scorpio (see past session) and a new victim (calls himself Hole) to manacle and enjoy. The Hole’s rune tattoos glow and he experiences some goood shit– out of this world orgasm (vision of Ghaisek and Scorpio were different). Gives a stone (Patron) to Scorpio then sends him away to ask The Hole about the trick. Wild magic; asks him to come with us to the stars during aftercare but is refused. Gaemon goes to the bar: meets Adonicus Willingham (speaks like a royal), a Hippo-man called a Gith who speaks of his ancestors’ travels through the Wildspace. Talks about finding portals. Mention space guppies and space sharks and space whales. Wandering clans, including a living ship of beholders, giant nautiloids with Mind Flayers. Space clowns and Astral Elves. Preston helps Kuda apply Magic eye barnacles to the bottom of the ship- this’ll take about ten days with 8 casters to set up the matrix.

– We start our travel to fuck up the Kraken Society. Gaemon sees SOMETHING glowing on the horizon. Ghaisek in the cabins, but nobody else sees it. Preston tastes/smells something OFF in the air–decay. Timothy in the water- undead sharks in the water. Kuda sees a hole where the stars don’t align right. Rolf notices a few days in some crew members acting oddly- at odd with previous conversations– Just standing staring for a few minutes (up to 40) in the direction we’re going, 5 of them especially. Rolf counters with Countercharms on his new drums.