Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

A Rough Night at the Dragon's Claw Tavern

Session 0 – Getting to Know You!

Everyone shared a little bit about their character’s backstory, how they became a pirate and what they are looking for in a bunkmate. It became very clear that these pirates are far from ordinary.

Lost In a Familiar Place

After being told that their current vessel was being decommissioned and that the crew was being disbanded, this group of young pirates headed to find comfort a the Dragon’s Claw Tavern. They have been here many times before. It has always been a little rowdy, but they never expected what happened next.

  • The party met Layla Songbird (aka Lady Raven). She was tending bar for the night. After Timothy informed her that they were out of work, she bought the first round for the poor souls.
  • The party began to make plans on what to do next. Do they try to buy a ship of their own? Where would they live? How would they get gold?
  • Before they could make any real plans, the Halfling at the end of the bar stood up and said, “Get’em boys!” and party was attacked by hired Thugs.
  • The fight looked like it was going well for the band of friends until Ettin Slaghorn joined the fray. Before things could get too bad, Layla called Ettin off.
  • Come to find out it was all a test. Layla is looking for hardy seafairing adventurers to help her with a mission. She directed them to go down stairs to the Dragon’s Maw…the secret bathhouse below the tavern.
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