Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 1: Set Sail for Adventure

Kuda’s log, sea date 1292020
Loch.pngSo we talk to Sir Man who says Barkus may be in Hillsfar which is was his home. The Great Law of Humanity, whatever that is, was overturned or something, so he’s probably outside of town. Apparently that means something to some of my friends, but I haven’t a clue. He says Lady Whosits is probably the best person to talk to. He leaves his boy as a toy to enjoy which was all too brief.

Ah… so Lady Whosits is the Lady Layla. Got it. She’s giving us passage on a ship called the Silent Dagger to get there. Each given 50 gp for bribes.

We get underway on the boat and start our journey. I spot a ship coming towards us and recognize the flag of the Kraken Pirates. They pull up along side and start to board.

It’s an epic fight with Timothy jumping straight into the soup. I magic some scrapped lime rind and chunk it at the pirates. Preston digitates some magics at them, and poor S’prea was downed with a lucky shot. Rolf plays with his sword as usual, and Ghaisek slings snakey spells at them. Gaemon tries to hogtie the captain but that didn’t work. He ded.

We end up capturing the ship and one of the crewmen. The crewman tells us, “Death will come from the deeps.. The tentacles will pull you.. There is nothing but despair.” He bites down on something, goes into convulsions, and dies.

We find a chest on the ship which contains some coin and gems.. Probably about 100 gp. Chest is a beer cooler, and I’m down with that. We continue on our journey. I pass the time reading the star signs of the other crew and which always concludes with a happy ending.


Notes from the DM:

  • Everyone received 50 gp from Ettin to pay for any bribes they may have to pay in Hillsfar.
  • The Kraken Society raid ship contained a coffer with some gold that will be split as dictated below.
  • The coffer also ended up being magical. It is a Chest of Preserving.


  • 25 gp to party treasure
  • 10 gp 7 sp to each character
What's Kraken?

No judging or nothing, but in light of learning certain proclivities, can we limit the amount of time one keeps a dead body in their quarters. You know….for general hygiene.

What's Kraken?