Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 9: Searching for Sarbreen

You Otyugh Come Prepared!

buoyToken.pngAs told by Buoy (in the voice of Dug from Up)

Hi there! Oh boy! I get to tell the story this week, and I am very excited! Master let me come down into the steamy room and play in the splash pool while he has special play time with some new friends.

They decided to stay in town, and the rest of his friends all went to go do things. I heard them talking later, and they said some went to a lying berry. Mr. Otter found some kind of blue prints for the sewers. I do not know what kind of berry leaves blue paw prints, but it must be big and blue. Maybe one day I will find out! Mr. Slithers one seemed to have difficulty concentrating on anything. I think he wanted to be back in the steamy room for special play time too. Mr. Feathers seemed to just sleep or something. I think he doesn’t sleep well because sometimes I see some him having to be tied down while he moans and yells. Mr. Blue said that where we were was built on an ancient dwarven city called “Sardine.” I like sardines. They’re very salty. Everyone in the group seems to like salty things in their mouth, and that makes me very happy. The Sardine was a pirate city and had something to do with someone named Mohander. I wonder how many more hands he has?

Verbig_the_Helpful.jpgMr. Red went to talk to the pretty feather lady. She didn’t know much, but his tail wagged a lot when he talked to her. Mr. Big went to talk to someone who is also very big. He says if we go down into the sewers he’ll give us something that will help us go back in the water. I am very excited about going back in the water. My master went to talk to a big man with big teeth and smelled like home. He can help us go back in the water too. I saw master shut one eye a blow a kiss at him. I think they will be good friends.

Otyugh.jpegMaster and his friends all go down into the sewers. I am ready to not be down here, but I am an expert tracker and I will find the thing for my master. I think it must the lying berry with blue paw prints. I will find it for him! I dash down the sewer and see a big thing. It is very big, and it is a thing. Everything went very dark, but I know master will call me back to him soon because he loves me.


- 29gp 7sp 5 cp to party treasure
- 12 gp 7sp 5cp to each party member

Session 9: Searching for Sarbreen

Raw notes:
Everyone relaxed and has some quests… sticking in town and maybe go to the abandoned city

Folks go to the library:
Sewer system is build on the remains of the ancient city and can lead you to various places.
Find a blueprint that operates on a grid and hub system.
Has a difficult time concentrating
Not much happens.
Raven’s Bluff was rebuild on the location of an ancient dwarven city called “Sarbreen.” Was a port city for pirates but grew into a trade hub. Developed its own system of government. The city of Sarbreen was a Dwarven city dating back to when the region was mostly the home of mountain dwarves mining the mountains to the east. The city was mostly a Moander (deity) city.

Folks go to talk to Lady Raven:
Lady has never been down to the sewers but knows that there have been entrances to the old ruins. Doesn’t know anything about the Soul Forge. Go talk to Virbig who can give you more information on that.

Cornelius will give upgrades… Lady raven will pay for half. Barkus will give us quests that will help the cost.

Go to Virbig. Rumors that were found in the ruins of Sarbreen.. Party sent down and not heard from in over a ten day. If we went down maybe we could get the reward. 200 gp for evidence. Gave half up front… willing to give us the same deal. Half up front but will give us same deal for information or proof of Soul Forge. He gives us directions which we promptly forget.

We all reconvene and go into the sewers:

Buoy gets bored and starts running around. We get attacked, and he died. It was touch and go, but the group defeated the monsters. Decide to take a short rest before continuing.

You, you, you Otyugh oh no!!

Session 9: Searching for Sarbreen