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Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 8: Return to Raven's Bluff

And a night in the Dragon's Maw.

RolfToken.png As told by Rolf.

We all got laid. Now get out of my room and let me get some damn sleep. *rolls over and immediately begins snoring.

*Some time later…

Okay, you SERIOUSLY don’t remember last night? Fuck, fine, lets start from what you DO remember…

Let’s seeeee… We’d just gotten back from saving Barkus from the merfolk. I still can’t believe that Gaemon and Ghaisek decided to keep exploring the cave with all of us still not fully recovered from that huge fight. No, I’m NOT just saying that cuz Kuda was busy sucking my dick! Ok. Maybe a little. Whatever, once we all caught up to them, those sharks were easy meat and that sorceress had no chance in the Hells. Yes, I do have to flex while saying that. Shut up.

Back to last night. We got back to the bar and the Lady was very thankful, promising us a ship of our own within a tenday as reward, and to enjoy ourselves til then. I TOLD you assholes that getting a ship was the first thing we should do! We all went down to the Dragon’s Maw to celebrate, and there were plenty of hot folk looking to share some time with us, and plenty of information to gather, once our collective tongues got to work. We all met up at the bar afterwards to confirm a plan, let’s see if I’ve got it all written down somewhere… Awrf! Here it is!

Buck_frame.png1) Kuda and I double teamed this AGGRESSIVE STUD of a satyr in one of the sauna pools, who was so impressed by our round 1 that he told us about a haunted mansion in the middle of the Flooded Forest, called the House of Moander, before we all tore into each other for a STELLAR round two. Yes, that was a Selune pun. Yes, I am proud of myself. MOVING ON.

Grover_frame.png2) Gaemon found a cute virgin satyrpup in the other sauna, who he coaxed into both full-on submission AND telling about another rumor in the Flooded Forest, about a sunken city. Between those two, we could DEFINITELY get our loot on, but they’re pretty far away so we’d need to plan a bit.

Boy2_frame.pngUhhhh… 4? Oh! 3) Preston was granted permission by the Big Daddy himself to spend the evening with one of his two big muscle boys in the big pillow room, but even though they definitely fucked and had fun, I don’t think he had any rumors to share. All 3 of those hunks seem much more difficult to woo, so massive props to Preston for goin’ for it and gettin’ that dick right away! AWOOO!

Varkag_frame.png……………THIS one is 4…)Timothy was with Preston in the pillows, but went after a sexy furry gladiatorman who had a scar fetish. Their pillow-talk (hehehe—OW) was about some Weir Tree wood that could be worth a LOT of gold.

Scorpio_frame.pngHEY I KNOW WHAT 5 IS SHUT UP) Gaisek made some muscly scorpion-summoning dude their tied up bitch in one of the private rooms. They kept some of the details private, but they DID share some rumor of a secret Soulforge in some ruins beneath Raven’s Bluff. I think we all agreed that seemed like the best first thing to do, since it’s LITERALLY right here, and here is closer than everywhere else…

Hayden_frame.pngAND FINALLY. YOU cuddled with a cute traveler in one of those private rooms near Gaisek, gave him a massage, and he told you about the lair of a dragon hidden behind a waterfall. Hala… Hollow… Ah! yes, Halarglautha Firewing, I’m glad you remember that part cuz that’s a mouthful! Speaking of mouthful… you then proceeded to get totally shitfaced, so I guess it’s not a huge surprise you don’t remember the rest of the night.

…Also, speaking of mouthful, I think I’ve got something you could help me out with— aw shit, it sounds like everyone else woke up too. We’ll put this on “paws” for now, cutie. *wink!


nicely done! The uncovered side quests can be found in the WIKI under Key Mechanics > Side Quests.

Session 8: Return to Raven's Bluff