Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 7: The Rescue at the Singing Cliffs

The Sobs of Despair!

SpreaToken.png As told by Sprey D’Eagle.

Aunties Nabis and Umber, and Uncle Adler,

I know I had to promise that I wouldn’t write, but it’s been so long since I left that I just… If Uncle Adler is awake, can you tell him a story?

The crew I’m with finally found the man we’ve been hired to find, at least we’re pretty sure he’s the right man. Barkus, I think? There have been so many people and names that I can barely keep track. You all were right, I’ve gotten to meet so many people out here away from the circus! I miss home though. I miss my family.

What was I talking about? Right! Barkus. Down in the Singing Cliffs we found a cave with more of these fish folk who’d attacked the monastery and stole Barkus. After Timothy freed some merfolk we learned when Barkus’ sister was brought in and imprisoned she started crying…a lot. So much that it almost drove the merfolk crazy. And when we found her I can understand why!

Picture1.jpgWe found her and Barkus in cages and had to fight more fish folk, but the whole time my head was pounding from her cries! Everyone else kept their cool though, Kuda even turned into a massive shark at some point. I wish I could become a shark, swimming is really hard with feathers.

While releasing Barkus and his sister, Charma, we learned that the fish folk did something to her that made her cry so much, and cause everyone else so much pain. We were all more than ready to get out of there as quick as possible, but Barkus couldn’t leave without his sword, Heart’s Wake. I know Uncle Adler would have recommended we take a chance to rest before hunting down the sword, but we charged ahead.

MerrowShallowpriest.jpegWe found one more room with a BIG fish lady and two other fish folk, which we began to valiantly fight. The fight was going really well until the fish lady summoned a massive lightning bolt that zapped through me, Rolf, and Gaemon. It hurt! A lot! Now I know why you told me to never fly in a storm, Auntie Nabis. With quick thinking though, Kuda healed us and woke us up just in time for Rolf to hurt her brain with his super eloquent words.

With the enemy defeated and the sword found, it sounds like we finally get to make our long journey back to Raven’s Bluff. I…hope that I get to see you, but I won’t intrude on the circus. If Uncle Adler is awake, please let him know that his training has helped me fight and survive.

See you down the road,

Your Sprey


Party Gold – 42gp 5 sp
Character Gold – 18gp 2sp
Amulet of the Drunkard (Sprea)
Decanter of Endless Water (Kuda)
Spellwrought Tattoo – Zephyer Strike (Timothy)
Wand of Magic Missiles (Ghaisek)
Dagger +1 (Rolf)
Spell Scroll: Crown of Madness (Preston)