Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 5: Seagale Under Siege

TimothyToken.pngAs recounted by Timothy.

Dear Mom,

I thought I’d let you know, I left those people in Baldur’s Gate. You were right, they were only using me. If any of them come looking for me, please don’t tell them I contacted you. I just wanted to let you know I am OK and working. I would have written you sooner, but I wasn’t sure you and Dad wanted to hear from me. Don’t think this letter is just because I want to come home, I don’t think that’d be a good idea.

I got a job on a ship and have a whole bunch of new friends. I think you’d like them, especially Rolf. We’d just finished liberating a room in a temple (don’t worry, it was a Temple of Salune, we were looking for a priest/monk or something) when he just wandered into more of the lizard-goblin things that had invaded. And he’s in college. Just like the son you always wanted.

KoalinthSergeant.jpegIt’s part of a quest we’re on to find this Barkus guy. We were looking for his brother Darmis and some other guy named Faegin. They’d been dragged away by the goblin things down a tunnel. Luckily there was a monk cowering downstairs while this maurading was going on to tell us this. Monks, right?

My friend, Ghaisek sent their imp down the tunnel, and sure enough, Darmis and Faegin were being held by the goblin things. I know, people with imps are what got me into trouble in the first place…but I think they’re different. At least they hasn’t tried to stab me.

We were wanting to be so careful as we tried to save the two brothers (like, religious brothers not real brothers though I think one of the brothers was the brother-in-law of the other brother). But Rolf and Ghaieik aren’t as sneaky as me, so we had to blast our way through them.

I know it sounds like the same stuff I was getting into before, but I pretty sure I’m working with the good guys now. I mean, I nearly died trying to save the monastery brothers. (Gaemon saved me, he’s a paladin.)

So definitely doing better and maybe will be able to visit when things calm down.

I hope Petal and Spruce are doing fine. Tell them I really do miss them.

Your son,


Just a reminder that everyone will level up for the next session.

Session 5: Seagale Under Siege