Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 43: Reunited with Verbig the Helpful

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We go to Verbig’s before confronting Grotheir. Kuda puts some ice around and rides Verbig (for a discount!). Rolf distracts Timothy by having him suck his dick so he doesn’t steal from Verbig. When they cum the ice explodes into snow around the room. Verbiage comes back with Rod of Pactkeeper for Ghaisek and Prayer beads for Kuda, in addition to a fancy tattooing needle with inks that allow for adding charges to tattooed spells! Tells us his old assistant was too much of a prude. Rolf gets a +2 Rhythm Maker’s drum, gives his Brazen Bulwark shield to Gaemon, who in exchange pays for Rolf’s new Shield of the Order of the Silver Dragon. Preston trades in his wand for a Bloodwell vial and purchases a Cape of the Mountebank, which has a slot for his astral shard. Timothy gets an amulet of health. Gaemon bought ropes of entanglement. Rolf buys health potion and a case of wine. Timothy buys gaseous form potions. Kuda buys rockie talkies. Suddenly– Grothier storms in… “SWIFTCLAW you abandoned your pack, you must pay the price” and the whole crew is ready to throw down. Rolf tries to say “outside” but gaemon throws a rope of entanglement, which works! He tries to escape but is trapped in an ice sheath and we discuss who he is and how Rolf ran from the pack. Timothy totally understands why Rolf ran and blames Beastbane. Kuda tries to be nice and asks for more explanation. Beastbane says few are remaining and Rolf starts to stand up for himself, then falters and Timothy jumps in to defend him. Kuda says Rolf has a new pack and offers our help to stop the plague, but Beastbane reiterates– it’s just him and Rolf left. Kuda uses his new beads–Greater Restoration on the Captain. Rolf claims his name: Arolfus Swiftclaw. Owns up to fleeing, but says he is not that pup anymore, and if there is no pack there is nothing left to punish. Verbig helps and casts calm emotions, aiding Rolf’s persuasion. “We will help who we can. Will you help us help them?” He bemoans his loneliness and says he will help, and Rolf accepts. We sniff butts. In response to Rolf’s confidence, Kuda gets on a knee and asks Rolf to collar him with the prayer beads, and Rolf accepts, where they’ll keep each other safe, and Rolf mends a moonstone to the prayer beads necklace in promise, which morphs the necklace into a sleeker design.