Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 42: Blasts from the Past

As told by Gaemon Swallows

(Ghaisek informed me of findings in my absences)
Skarkafel-Founder of Kraken society
A Chosen of Umberlee, was a Kraken Wizard, last known resided in the West ocean

Having just woken up from a drunken stupor arriving at port, Gaemon recalls what he can of the current happenings

While in port, the crew found a ship of individuals all infected with a terrible illness
Thick liquid running down their face, we discerned this to be the spotted plague
I followed with Kuda as he went to attend the crew, to see what relief we could provide
Kuda would not let me kill them, but we did find we could cure their disease
Kuda seemed pissed as I cleansed these peoples, must be because of how awesome I am

Seeing these people suffer, Rolf was brought visions of his past, but he was not keen to share so quickly

Ghaisek wandered off, always keeping an eye on that one…
Kuda and Rolf followed shortly after, going to speak to the dockmaster it seemed

Then they all got naked… In the middle of the day and the dock
Hott but odd
I decided to wander over and see what was happening, Kuda said he wished to have no hiding, and “bring the truth”
So naturally I cast zone of truth
What a great day, I get to be useful, naked, and possibly expose this likely evil Warlock we have been traveling with
Ghaisek spoke of his deeds in truth and while some questionable choices here and there, overall his goals and mind still aligns with our quest
Not the outing I expected but probably for the best

Rolf spoke of seeing his past tribe suffering
Individuals missing fur, flesh rot, pain and fear
We learned where our Captain truly hailed from, The Anauroch-Desert

Some other words I heard through the fog of the hangover…
Water helm
Black road
The Dogs have Mange

He specifically saw the face of an old comrade, the captain of the guard, whom had taught him the ways of sword play and obviously the captain wanted to fuck him
Grothier Beastbane, he was a strong respectable canine, from the Anauroch desert
Rolf explained that he ran away from his tribe and the disease that seemed to follow every settlement they moved

Ghaisek also observed a beast running off into town from the ship that we missed
He sent Kaliban invisible to chase down the Lupin, where chase ended the being was slumped down in an alley in pain clearly

With some needed recharging before healing the rest of the ship
We made way into town, to gather some supplies before addressing this possibly aggressive fiend
Maybe a drink to clear the head first as well