Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 41: Back to the Bluff

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf)

We awake on the ship and have scenes: Ghaisek has a dream: 10 tentacles, and large suction bruises on torso. When he awakes, he meditates, and hears a voice “Redeem my people”. Goes to Kuda for help. Kuda looks in his book– (Skarkafel?) a Chosen of Umberlee was a Kraken Wizard, which led to the Kraken Society (at war with Hecaton- Giants’ king). They dither then ask the guy we recruited for more information (kuda sucks him off for more info): 10 years ago the KrakSoc had upheaval– trying to find strange materials and focus on Sea of Fallen Stars (opposed to Trackless Sea)— SECRET– Timothy is from the Ruathym, south of the Purple Rocks islands!! Timothy pulls Ghaisek to the side and tells him about how he’s got a Warlock Patron; Ghaisek shares a mental memory of the voice. Out of Body Experience for the two of them– ghostly tentacles spout out of his back and touch where his earring used to be. The voice sounds familiar to Timothy. He still doesn’t respond when Timothy asks. The feeling ends, and a black tentacle earring is in his ear now. Timothy hesitates then spills his historical beans to Kuda in private– the patron, the earring, and the pseudo-betrayal. Kuda, of course, forgives him, and Timothy cries. They make a plan to tell Rolf what’s up. Rolf has a conversation with a bird. Timothy and Kuda come back and Rolf is stalled– he decided to punch him, then wrap him in a big hug and kiss while whispering “that must’ve been really scary”. All is forgiven! What’s the next step. Rolf requests we don’t pray to any extra dieties… and no more secrets… that’ll fuck up the crew! Of course Ghaisek sneaks by once again. Later, Kuda studies his astrolabe- the new constellations go dark, then calm, then sees a constellation of himself as stars “you have found balance” “where do i go from here” “wherever you wish”— can now control the Red Astrolabe at will. A promise of a transformation before fading. As we return, theres a very large old ship and a lot of commotion. They’re in our parking spot. Underside seems messed up bad, by nature. Timothy comes back and Ghaisek sends Caliban– men women and children look malnourished. Referenced as Refugees. Rolf runs to help, and the rest follow. We notice a smaller ship rigging the larger ship to pull it away. Food and water for refugees (kuda goes there), carry objects, and rigging the ship. Rolf chooses heavy stuff- food is spoiled, and Rolf pauses (MEMORY). Sees emblem of Lioncauster mercantile, and carries the nailed container down the gangplank. Property of Baron Aldorn Thuregar. Timothy goes to help with the ship rigging– suggest burning the ship down, then investigates the ship further. Harbormaster is approached by Ghaisek– the ship was floating out at sea yesterday. Ship seems to have come from Sespech– on their way to Empilner– illness through crew and something fucked up the sail. Tells crew mentally what’s up. Kuda goes to the waterline to Shape Water to push the ship away. Preston goes to Captain’s quarters to look for stuff– smells rotting flesh and sees corpse on the bed– captain likely got sick. Preston levitates the corpse and balloons it to get a proper burial. Dockmaster denies the body to leave the ship. Preston goes in reverse and tucks him into bed. Once done, Kuda pushes the ship with Control Water, Preston uses the Staff of the 4 Winds, Ghaisek uses Fireball, and Timothy commands the rope be cut, while Rolf bardically inspires the crew to improve the plan. The ship is successfully destroyed away from the dock. We start to leave…Timothy asks and they were out for at least 3 tendays. They have lesions. Roughly 35 people, some common some noble. Rolf commands some uppity nobles to sit with his Thaumaturgy voice. Preston, Kuda, and Timothy see a micro-response from them besides their fear and Timothy tells Ghaisek to detects thoughts– surface: surprise at seeing Rolf. Deeper thoughts– that’s the second Lupin they’ve seen. Location- on ship, dark fur, big ears, large patches of missing fur. Ghaisek pulls us off to the side and minor Illusions: Hey Rolf, have you seen him before? DUN DUN DUUUUUN!