Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 40: Aboleth Ahoy

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

We fight the assassin vines. As we kill them, something sucks up water from below. Kuda summons a wall of force below us to keep it down for longer. When it does swim up and is stopped by Tim’s mask, it psychically overtakes Rolf, who turns on his friends. Preston summons a dragon again. Buoy is killed by an assassin vine and Kuda gets revenge. Rolf is commanded to attack Preston, and Gaemon is forced to intervene. The aboleth then swims out from under the wall to attack the now-exposed Gaemon. Ghaisek chooses to be attacked by vines instead of Rolf. Timothy also gets controlled by the aboleth, and is commanded to attack Kuda. A spectral being lunges at Ghaisek out of the assassin vine. Preston’s dragon hits the aboleth, Gaemon, and Rolf, which knocks Rolf back to normal. Rolf pierces aboleth with an upcast Psychic Lance, and Gaemon mops it up. We then take the time to chop up the assassin vines. We reconnect our mental link and hug each other, then swim down to the aboleth corpse. We dig and find a melon-sized orb filled with stars– Identify finds it a Wildspace Orrery– tracks stellar bodies! Gaemon harvests some body parts from the aboleth corpse. Then we go back, and all the elves are freed and ready for dancing! And an orgy! We warn them about the future coming warriors also trying to get the eye.