Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 4: Journey to Seagale Monastery

Bully Bullywugs

Ghaisek_token.pngAs recounted by Ghaisek

Well my lord, it seems as though we may be making some progress after all. After finishing up with the witch woman and her goblin cohorts- to say nothing of those abhorrent walking scarecrows- we returned to the steading of Stana Turuk for information on the wayward Zhent Barkus.

According to the halfling, our best recourse for finding Barkus is to follow his path to the Seagale Monastery and seek out his brother Darmis. Darmis, according to Stana, is close friends with her brother-in-law Faegin. Apparently, the three of them (Darmis, Faegin, and Stana’s late husband Jamis) spent a good deal of time together at the Seagale monastery. Hopefully, when we arrive

Before we set out for the monastery, the group took some time to familiarize each other with some of our newfound abilities. The satyr Kuda seems to have a talent for some very “hands on” personal divination. Timothy shows some particularly interesting traits as well, but it’s his familiarity with your iconography – and the accompanying unease – that I find most intriguing. The foolish Imp, Caliban, that you sent me has proven useful so far but it has some attitude problems that may need to be trained away.

bullywug.jpegThe two day travel to the Seagale monastery proved largely uneventful. Near the end of the first day of travel we were accosted by some bullywugs when we attempted to cross the river. Nuisance creatures to be sure, the bullywugs managed to inflict non-trivial injuries on Sprea’ before we dispatched them.

Mid/late afternoon on our second day of travel we arrived at the Seagale monastery. On first glance the monastery seemed intact if a bit quiet. However, further inspection revealed that something was very wrong. A surreptitious entrance through a rear door to the monastery has led to the discovery of many corpses and a number of foul creatures likely responsible for the slaughter.


Treasure Found
Party Gold: 50 gp
Character Gold: 50 gp each
Potion of Healing