Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 39: The Lost City of Xxiphu

As told by the notes of Dom (Player of Rolf).

Ghaisek tries to talk to his deity and goes temporarily insane. Kuda learns about the Lord of Bones in his astrolabe while crafting some armor. Rolf and his Sextant Sword work together to navigate the ship to Xxiphu, and there the next day. Kuda investigates the astrolabe again and it’s Kezef, a running dog (Chaos Hound). Rolf gives the Scimitar of Speed to Gaemon as Kuda casts water breathing on everyone, and then we swim down. Ghaisek sends imp ahead and Timothy swims first; they see Sea Elves standing still around a fountain. Rolf motivates the crew with song. Through Cali’s eyes, they seem not all there. Timothy tries to tie up one of them; the others start moving at the exact same time. We fight! Kuda is a octopus and puts out ink as we all swim around and fight them as they come. Some kelp creatures seem to form and attack us– Rolf uses Universal Speech to parley– the kelp creatures say they are protecting the elves as they are controlled by the Guy in the Eye. The kelpies tell us the eye is north– we convince the kelpies to restrain the remaining elves and we’ll go free the elves; said they’d be friends if we save the elves. We agree! And we ride the floating disk hanging on behind Gaemon’s Hippocamp mount and quickly traverse the sea north! When we arrive at the hole, Kuda tries to explore the glowing plants that are all around; Rolf helps with Nature knowledge. Ghaisek investigates the hole. We’re unsure what the plant is, but the vine lashes out. Grapples Rolf– fight at the Eye of Xxiphu!