Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 38: The Hand of the Iron Throne

As told by Timothy

After we laid waste to the people in the Iron thrown keep, we questioned the remaining survivor.
He told us he worked for the Iron Throne and that the Kraken Society was a client. And he told us they were here to pick up a shipment of goods. He led us to the goods the Kraken which were the weapons. We got the device to get back through the mists and got the name of the guy in charge of the Iron Throne on this keep.

He led us to the audience room where Gaemon looked for some verification that his visions were true, finding only an emblem on a throne that was not iron. We checked the room thoroughly. Rolf noticed the very intricate mosaic pattern on the floor, with the tiles alternating between crossed gauntlets, a pair of iron boots or a stylized eye, each representing the Arm, Foot, and Eye of the Iron Throne.

Seymour said the Foot of the Iron Throne was in the desert, Kuda realized was along the Black Road in the Anuloch dessert between Mulmaster and Waterdeep. Seymour told us that the Eye of the Iron Throne is in a cloud castle.

Ghaisek, however, noticed that over by the throne, there were scratches on the floor. Pulling on the throne, opened the wall revealing a passage. The imp went down the hall seeing creatures down that way, a panic room with a couple of guys in it. Seymour called out to the guys in there and they emerged.

The captain, Othelstan, and his pathetic guard Wilfrid would not come out unless we offered assurances. Ghaisik asking him where the Kraken’s Bane was, which he feigned ignorance about its location. But he did reveal that they were acquiring special metals and materials. Ghaisek probing his mind trying to get information and saw something which left him kind of frightened to see him so shaken by whatever was going on.

We followed him the rooms we they had bolts of purple leather, the skin of purple worm, large purple worm teeth. In the forge we so a lot of ore and shards of obsidian which was obtained from Starmantle and that it was a result of the spell plague. Combining it with certain ores, can be used to make special weapons. Apparently when wielded when using poison, the poison adheres to the metal. Captain also explained that they harvested some purple work venom.

They apparently contact each other using from a sending stone, which he would not give us. The asshole. Though their orders from the Kraken society were slowing down. They did not know where they were building this, but that they only are a few days away and always coming from the east. We decided to skuttle the Kraken Society ship and lure another ship from the Kraken Society. The captain said it was probably a bad idea since they have priest which already communicated that they arrived.

We cleaned up the keep for them and he gave us some stuff to take. Before we left, he told us their latest ask was for an orb that would create a bubble that would allow people to fly, they referred to it in as the Eye of Xxiphu in a sunken city somewhere in the sea of the falling stars. Kuda offered him a him a book of orcish poetry, which he turned down.
We then made our way out of the keep, noticing in the chapel a small little alter with an image of the Kraken, everything else in the temple was done up very Tiamat-ish…though those things had been used to cover Umberly iconography.

We get to the Kraken Society’s ship, where at the front is a crystal on the pedestal which contains a swirling storm, which we take. Meanwhile, Kuda and Preston found a navigation map from which we were able assume where they were going to and from which we assumed would be where the Kraken Society was. Kuda also found a book about the Cult of the Kraken. It talked about Slarkrethel, a Kraken deity that is at war with King Hekaton, the god of all giants. They are supposedly always in a battle for supremacy over the maelstrom, a castle where King Hekaton lives at the bottom of the ocean.