Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 37: The Eye of the Storm

As reported by Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward.

We shuffled our magic items before diving into the calm water, small creatures swimming around us. Kuda looked through Buoy’s eyes and saw shipwrecks below, with some iconography of the Umberlee temple. Gaemon saw this through the mental link and put together that the Iron Throne was fighting Umberlee, and Umberlee lost.

We completed our swim to the island and saw jungle, along with a path to a building up above. We decided to sneak through the jungle up to the building instead of taking the path. Kuda and I guided the party through the forest, following animal trails and the smoke in the distance.

We sneaked very well up to the building while I inspired the party. An empty animal pen awaited us. Tim sneaked into the pen and investigated– animal shit, but no animals. Among the muck he found a signet ring made of iron, with a throne embellishment. He gave it to Gaemon, as a sign of goodwill. He then unlocked a door leading into the building and stealthily opened it, seeing two guards. We considered killing them, but Ghaisek Suggested them to go to the beach instead. It worked, and they went off to fool around by the water! Timothy and I gave each other scritches while we hid. Then we all went into the bunk house.

Timothy stole someone’s journal. There were many doors out of the bunk room, so I chose south as our first attempt. Timothy unlocked the south door– it went back outside, so he re-locked it. We found a trapdoor to the basement: a weapons hold– siege equipment. We took grappling hooks, empty wineskins, and some weapons, all made of iron and embellished with tentacles. Tim found a Kraken society receipt and fucked with it to mess with the guards. Gaemon considered a cannon for the horse.

We made our way through a storage room, a kitchen, and a long hallway with many doors… one of which led to ANOTHER hallway!? AUGH. Tim peered around an archway and saw someone kneeling to an Altar– one of the spooky wizard priests! Timothy ding-dong-ditched him with psychic blades. The priest then shouted out – Tim and Preston were frightened. Gaemon summoned octopodes and I ran in to whirling dervish… we killed him! But then we were SWARMED by guards! OUCH.