Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 36: In Search of the Iron Throne

Greetings Mistress,

It has been some time since I have had occasion to update you on our progress here on the prime. I continue to travel with the pirate crew of the Vicious Seaward in the sea of falling stars doing what I can to further your influence in this realm. We are still in pursuit of the captain that stole Barkus’ ship The Kraken’s Bane and it finally feels like we have a solid lead to chase down. After doing a favor for Gaius the Pirate king by rooting out some mutinous bastards in Immurk’s hold he was more willing to give us some stronger intelligence. Originally we captured 6 of these uppity pirates including the captain but three of them decided that the sharks would be more merciful than the pirate king’s justice. As it turns out, they were right. The way a man screams as he’s slowly encased in molten iron is truly a delightful song.

It seems that roughly a week ago the Kraken’s Bane made port for a few days to resupply and conduct minor repairs and left again 3 days before we arrived ourselves. Based on the information we’ve gathered thus far we believe they came from Starmantle in the west where they were after some magical resources perhaps affected or created by the spellplague. It seems they left setting a course to the East perhaps into the magical storm where we now believe the Iron Throne Syndicate (and perhaps their allies in the Kraken Society) are hiding.

As we set off for the storm we found ourselves on the tail of another ship on the same heading that was flying the colors of the Kraken Society. I sent Caliban ahead to get an eye on them and determine how they would traverse the storm. For once, the Imp actually acquitted itself admirably and was able to observe and disrupt the arcane warding that this ship was using to navigate the danger.

Through a creative manipulation of our own magics we were able to boost Kuda’s spellcasting and successfully navigate the storm on our own. We have anchored the ship as unobtrusively as possible, brought Barkus into our telepathic link, and we now prepare to move ashore and continue to unravel the mysteries that face us. I suspect I will be called on to enact violence yet again and so I request that Malphas and Glauneck be on standby should I need their assistance. I will keep you informed of our progress as always.

Your Servant,


P.S. When we examined the mutinous captain’s ship in Immurk’s Hold we found writing in ancient Netherese that spoke of things beyond the glass sphere that encases our world. That combined with the mysterious hag that provided me with designs for a ship that sails the stars and a story that Rolf heard from his talking sword about “monsters in the sky” makes me think we should be on the lookout for otherworldly entities threatening your domain. I’ll learn what I can.