Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 35: Uncover the Mutiny

Barfight? Sounds about right...

GaemonToken.pngAs told by Gaemon Swallows

The king decreed the capture, of a corrupt conspiring crew
Who would plot to kill the pirate king in a devastating coup

We found the scoundrels hiding, in the bar behind closed door
So Timothy broke in the cad, and thus enemies Outpoured

Rolf howled and halted sailors, swooned in songs upon the stairs
Locking the mob in trance and dance, to be tied and taken unawares

The Captain and his boys remained, though cornered in their lair
I summoned deadly tentacles and had them all ensnared

Kuda called the stars above and burned the blokes and octopi
While our teammates laid on their attacks until the captain died

The king wanted him alive you see, an example for the lands
So Kuda bound with magic Ice and shackled up his hands

We won of course, and tied the rest we had not slew
Now to drag them to the Pirate King to see what he will do

You would be proud, me’ lady, my power ever grows
I await to hear from you again, and see where my path goes