Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 34: Audience with the Pirate King

PrestonToken.pngAs told by Preston Digitation.

  • Revisited the all faiths temple
  • Gaiman was um affected by water tentacles, which turned out to be Umberly. Umberly tells Gaiman that he is the chosen one, and that she wants him to cut off the arm of the iron throne, which has betrayed her. He agrees. She does something funny to his eyes, now he has weird shark eyelids?
  • Gaiman and Ghaisek venture off together to figure out the eye thing. Ghaisek nearly goes mad trying to do the magic.
  • Kuda consults his astrolabe and discovers some unknown constellations, and can now summon an ooze?!
  • We take the ferry to get an audience with the pirate king
  • There is no fee to take the (fairy)
  • 3 day wait to see the pirate king
  • Rolf bribes the nice lady and she gets us in in 15 minutes
  • Pirate king asks us to handle a local mutiny first
  • We return to the bar, and the bartender lets Timothy know that the folks we’re looking for are behind a locked door in the bar. He hints that we could use KNOCK spell to get in.
  • We went to Wisencott’s and picked up some magical keys, one of which does KNOCK (The other does Alarm, and the 3rd we’re not sure?).
  • We returned to the bar again and used the key…cliffhanger!