Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 33: The Streets of Immurk's Hold

KudaToken.pngAs told by Kuda of the Bara.

Kuda curls up with Rolf after a long night and falls asleep nuzzled up to his fur while dreaming of the day..

After leaving the bar the crew wanders over to the shrine of the gods. Kuda couldn’t help but notice Umberlee’s presence seems far greater than it should be in this city. He cleans up Selune’s shrine and makes some offerings. Small motes of silvery light drift down and wrap around him. Timothy cleans another shrine nearby. This one appears to be for Sylvanus, and a small leaf floats down to Timothy as Kuda approaches. Kuda leaves the slaad leathers, some herbs, and a map of the sunken forest as a tribute while prayed for permission to have the Selunite shrine in his forest.

Ghaisek is approached by an old haggish woman who could dismiss Caliban with a though. She gave him a scroll and then fades away.

The crew makes their way to a map shop and try to bargain with the shop keep. Everyone finds a different map that speaks to them. Rolf finds a map of a dragon horde at the top of a mountain, Timothy finds a really nice map of the Moon Shae Isles that he plans to send to his sister as well as a map to something called the Star Mantle, Ghaisek finds a map to the Tower of Lamentation, and Kuda finds a map to the lost city of the giants which the Lady seemed to think is something the crew needed.

They head over to the Peg Leg Pony where Rolf orders some shots and then hits on a captain for some information. The captain says all that’s needed is to register to talk to the king. After more flirting, the crew pays the tab and some silly antics ensue.

While he’s doing that, Kuda starts deciphering Ghaisek’s scroll. It describes how to make the ship’s sails into wings or fins. It details more about something called “wild space.” He then reads some of the orc poetry and discerns the map he has is to Xxiphu.

Ghaisek, Timothy, and Kuda head down to the dock to see if they can find more information on the kraken ship that passed through here. Buoy runs up to cause a distraction while Timothy sneaks a peak at the log book. The Kraken Society ship left 15 days ago under Captain Mangus Wallerbee: the man who killed Barkus’ lover and lead the munity on the Kraken’s Bane.

Rolf starts running in his sleep, and Kuda pulls him tighter while whispering some sexy orc poetry to help him sleep. Kuda nips his ear and kisses him gently on the cheek before quietly sneaking out of the room. He descends down into the hold of the ship and slips into Gaemon’s room. He grabs a hand full of the sleeping elf’s goodberries and says, “I have something for you.” Kuda leads Gaemon to the shrines and says while kissing him, “Our goddesses may be opposed, but that doesn’t mean we have to be. I love you.” He points Gaemon down the hallway to Umberlee and then turns to the shrine of Selune. Kuda then goes and lay down his star crystal at the altar of Selune and says, “I’m ready.”


Raw notes:
Go to the shrine of the gods… leave apples and 7 gold to Selune.. Am now blessed for the rest of the stay. Rolf leaves some money at Tempest and Selune. Umberlee is the major deity. Connor should return to this when he plays next so he can do something here.

See one other shrine.. It’s small and in disrepair. It’s for Sylvanus. Timothy cleans it up and receives a small oak leaf blessing. I put a hand on his shoulder and help him clean. I leave a two bundles of slaad leather and some herbs (grey/green slaad leather, wild mint, rosemary) and a map of the sunken forest. I pray to Sylvanus that a follower of Selune has cleansed his forest and ask for permission for the shrine.

Ghaisek tracks down an old woman (old haggish woman) who can see invisible and can send Caliban away. As Ghaisek approaches her, she drops a scroll in his hand.

Go to a map shop and try to bargain with the shop keep. Get a rolf got dragon horde map at the top of a mountain.

Talk to shop keep who tell us that there was a kraken ship spotted around the time it last rained. (we apparently know when that was)

Timothy gets a map of the moon shae isles. Legend holds there’s a vast treasure on that map.

Cast augury to see if any map speaks to me. Look at some of the landmarks which I’m told is fascinating… 250 gp .. Supposed to be the location of the lost city of the giants. Floating city but crashed into the moonsea.

Ghaisek finds a map to the tower of lamentation

Find timothy a map to a place called “Star Mantle.” It was ravaged by the spellplague.

Rolf asked Kuda if we’ve found everything we need to. Pray quickly and Selune says yes to the maps but the pirate king has more. Ask the shop keep about it who says to go to the bar.

Head to the peg leg pony. Rolf gets some shots. Talk to one of the captains.. Just have to take the ferry to and register to talk to the king. Marco the Arm of the Iron throne tells us this.

Comprehend languages on the scroll Ghaisek got… the sails translate to wings or fins.. It’s not what I’m expecting. It also says plans for great bombard. See information that looks like it might indicate the crew that is needed to sustain it.. Probably upwards of 40 crew to use the ship. See something that says “air capacity.” Not a language I’m familiar with. Also see the “wild space.”

Ghaisek contacts another plane to ask more about the schematics. They didn’t mean us any harm, the pieces are scattered around the sea.

Read some of the orc poetry.

The other map.. Realize that the language in it is giant. In the center of the map it says Xxiphu

Ghaisek wants to go to pier 4 where the dwarf saw the kraken ship.

Timothy has to sleep with the dockmaster.

Back at the inn.. Pay the tab. Apparently it was too much and silliness happens.

Go to pier 4 to get the log book. Send buoy to cause a distraction by trying to find fish over by the warden. Ghaisek turns to shadows and timothy is able to stealth to get the log book. Buoy knocks the ledger table over into the water, and I vanish him away.

Go back to the ship where folks are asleep. Craft for two hours.

Kraken ship was there 18 days ago and left 15 days ago. Captain’s name is Captain Mangus Wallerbee. Barkus knows that Mangus Wallerbee killed his husband and lead the mutiny on the kraken’s bane.