Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 32: Immurk's Hold

RolfToken.pngAs scribbled in a journal by Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward.

On our way to Immurk’s hold, Barkus tells us there’s rough rocks and a (unknown) password/signal to get in… and leaving our ship to take a dinghy may result in it getting stolen. We convince Barkus and Nadeev to find the code for us while we travel there. We pass a storm in the center of the islands. I direct to pass around it; Kuda watches it and it seems to be totally still, which is odd. We agree to come back to this later and sail on.

We find the “secret” entrance to the island river and need to maneuver around some boulders. Kuda spies a cave at the top of a mountain near the mouth, so we send Kaliban to investigate. He sees 3 pirates, don’t seem alarmed or concerned– watching our ship, and they have a bullseye lantern with a chalkboard covered in lines and dashes, numbered in order. I ask Barkus for immediate news- his information lines up with the what the chalkboard shows, so I present the correct code to them, with a lantern. They respond by sending the same code to someone else, to let the sea gate down. Ghaisek sees the mechanism through Kaliban’s eyes and gives a fireball bead to Timothy just in case. Getting through the rocks was the most difficult navigation I have ever led, but with Buoy and Ghaisek giving help ahead, we navigate in successfully!

We park near the city, noticing the central island. Ghaisek sees a record-keeper and brings me along to get official docking information. Timothy and Preston distract with drunkenness so Kaliban can investigate his books over his shoulder. It cost 50 GP to disembark, no less. He recommends the Tilted Rudder and some brothels to help take care of our horniness. Tells us of the Pirate King’s estate in the island. Ghaisek doesn’t recognize any of the ships on the logs. I thought it was about time for everyone on the ship to go get laid, but Barkus holds back about half the crew and “offers” to stay back and keep the crew/ship under control. Gaemon desummons his horse and plans to summons him back at the bar. We find the Chamber of Commerce and get a map to go to the northeast places. We choose to go the long way around rather than just the water shortpath. We pass by an all-faith chapel, and a building with fun sounds and sweet smells: Wizencotte’s Weird and Wonderful Shoppe! We mess with the caller and try to get laid with him. Ghaisek gets tokens to cheat at skeeball (2500 tix). I, naturally, attempted a strength challenge (2500 tix). Preston wants to play the coin pusher (4000 tix). Timothy and Kuda to the claw machine (4500 tix). Gaemon goes to the bathroom. Put all tix together for big prize. Gaemon comes out with a horse. I directly flirt with the Gnome– he’s Wizencott! But he’s not interested in sex.

We head to the Tilted Rudder Tavern– an excellent dive bar! There’s a table of elves– most of us want a piece of them, and the wood elf responds positively to my flirting. The blue skinned elf with tentacle hat seems to be in charge… The other tables are: 5 Orcs and halves at one table table, arguing, “shouldn’t be in charge, make a change”. At another table, 8 members of various races- black strip of cloth on left arms. A third table, 5 humans, quiet, in the same uniform. Kuda goes to wiggle his tail at the loud orc. Turns out, they were talking about a book club. Kuda tries to help with magic choice making and makes friends with the orcs, so he gets a book of Orcish Poetry. Meanwhile I buy a round for the table of elves. They are Malfus, High Elf 1, Aquafina (wearing a tentacled hat), and Pirate Firstmate, the Wood Elf. At this point I’m overwhelmingly horny and directly tell Firstmate I want to lay him hard, and we go romp in the barn nearby.

Through our mental link, I learn the following: Caliban spies on the remaining elves from the table and they talk about getting more elves for their crew and being pickier– seem to be newer crew. Ghaisek buys drinks for the orcs, then changes his mind and takes drinks to the elves instead– calls me uncouth to get their favor (rude, but a good plan). Tells them he’s looking for a ship with a similar motif– getting a bit stonewalled by their captain. Walks away, leaving Caliban, and they mention an elven underwater city–Neramyr. Timothy followed me to investigate the elf’s clothing; takes his rabbits foot but nothing special. Gaemon is urged by Ghaisek to get more info– but the picky elves seem to dislike that he’s only half. They say it’s a requirement by their “Patron”. The drow elf does drink the provided shots though. Ghaisek detects thoughts and sees a symbol of a dolphin– an ocean deity called the Dolphin Prince. Gaemon offers the Drow to join him, but he doesn’t follow through. Timothy tries to attract someone from a group of quiet talkers but he doesn’t follow; Tim takes both shots. Timothy tries to sneak into a locked side door but gets caught, and goes to the bathroom upstairs– I decided at this point to send him some live action play-by-play of filling the Wood Elf, and Tim jerks off. <3. Where to next: All Faith Chapel, Treasure Map, Peg Legged Pony Tavern, or brothels?