Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 31: You Go Down With the Ship

TimothyToken2.pngAs told by Timothy.

(Letter burned on an alter to Asmodeus)

I’m not sure I can do this. Every time I think something good is happening, I get dragged into the shit again.

The ghost ship had broken in two. The wheel they wanted me to get was with two large sahuagin. I was able to get a fireball off under the water, but they beefy sahaguan started summoning sharks and just too many little sahaguin jumped into the water after the rest of the VS crew. They didn’t see me because I was hiding under part of the ship.

The smaller sahugain swarmed around the crew taking some chunks out of Gaemon and Ghaisek. Kuda had little choice than to break out of his octopus form and polymorph Gaemon into a giant shark, basically to take all the damage the sahaguin were throwing.

I was using my new ring to summon lightening balls which began to do damage to the bigger sahaugin when one of them took off with the wheel. Kuda returned to octoopus form and joined me in the chase, but he got there first.

The other larger sahaguin summoned something else, a priest of some kind who cast a spell which trapped Rolf! He said it, he said this was in the name of the Kraken! This is the Kraken society!

What should I have done! Go get the wheel, but Rolf was trapped and Kuda was getting hit!

Sharky Gameon did his best to feed off the little Sahaguin, but well-placed attack on Octo-kuda broke his concentration and turned Gaemon him back into Gaemon surrounded by enemies. The water was full of ally blood.

Ghaisek went down as a shark bit into his flesh and then swam off to feast on Gaemon as Ghaisek unconsciously sunk. The baron with the wheel went after Kuda. With his shark friend, he took Kuda down.

It was looking like we couldn’t win this fight so we prepared a strategic retreat when the spellcaster disappeared through a portal with one of his baron, the one who got away because Kuda was dying. Would have taken both of his barons, but I had one restrained.

Rolf was able to heal Kuda before I got to him, but that shark just kept biting and Kuda went down again.

With enemies around me and Kuda sinking, Gaemon popped beside me to get me free to give Kuda a potion. He touched my cheek and said he’d get them for me. I wasn’t even sure we were friends before this.

Ghaisek just barely awake from healing Rolf gave them summons a devil to help take out the remaining enemies.

On the ship was some gold and jewels and two wax sealed parchments.

We get back to see the sahaguin who tried to take our ship were no match for our crew. Barkus and Iron Fist greeted us. Nadav was healing the crew.

The parchments were two maps, which revealed shipping lanes and then with a key. Indicating other locations which are not associated trading routes, this could be where the Kraken society is hidden. They were in thieves cant so no one else could see them. I told them.

Barkus, saying yes we made mistakes, didn’t seem to appreciate that we came away with good information. Arrogant fucker, my friends nearly died for these fucking maps! Kuda went down twice.

This isn’t what I signed up for, to watch my friends die. To watch Rolf get hurt! To see Kuda fighting and getting knocked down!

I just wanted a quiet time with some fun people and the occasional adventure. This is not what I signed up for.