Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 30: Encounter with the Ghost Ship

Spoiler: No Ghosts At ALL!

RolfToken.pngAs told by Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward.

Timothy spied a shimmering ship in the distance and asked what my orders were. Naturally, I said “Get ‘em!”! Timothy ordered firing the ballista to start, while I ordered the mangonel. Both unfortunately missed, and both ships began the charge toward each other. Gaemon and I fired off arrows while Kuda created a whirlpool under their ship, holding them in place! Gaemon wanted to try taking the horse as a water mount… I’m glad he decided against that, as his arrows flew true just fine on the deck. Ghaisek sent Caliban to transfer some Fireball beads to Timothy, who had swam off, and he threw one at the trapped ship! Preston blew another fireball, then Ghaisek did the same! BOOM BOOM BOOOOM!!! Then Kuda created a lightning storm over the ocean to blast bolts at the enemy ship. The sound was deafening, but we charged forward! Then they started firing back at us, with someone on their ship ALSO casting call lightning!! Kuda called to target their (hot) spellcaster while Preston blew up the front of their ship with ANOTHER fireball. Ghaisek chose this moment to crawl out onto the bow of the ship for some reason, but I was focusing on casting a psychic lance into the spellcaster’s face to break his concentration. And it WORKED! We were about to blow them all to Umberlee!! But they countered with another round of ammunition and a magical wave, knocking Ghaisek off the prow! We finally were close enough to see that the enemy crew was made of Sahagin, probably led by the spellcaster. Kuda dealt the final blow against the spellcaster and commanded Buoy to Fetch his odd-looking staff! At some point, Ghaisek teleported onto the other ship’s crow’s nest, but with a sickening crack, the enemy ship broke in half, and he fell off again. 2 larger sahagin pick up steering wheel- apparently that may be the source of the fog thing? We swam down into the water after the sinking ship, hoping to collect our well-earned treasure…