Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 29: Hitting the Sea Again

Ghaisek_token.pngAs told by Ghaisek.


At long last this crew of endearing miscreants and I have returned to Raven’s Bluff to claim our vessel, the Vicious Seaward, and set out for proper seafaring adventure. While waiting on a meeting with the pirate Zhent Barkus to get the next job we made a trip to Verbig’s shop to upgrade some gear.

Apparently Verbig has a new shop assistant, a cute little elf boy, named Cybil. I think perhaps he is a touch innocent and sweet for my palate, but I watched with delight as the good captain Rolf turned on the charm and flustered the dear boy to the point of stuttering. Once he regained his composure he helped us reequip with some scrolls and a better shield for Kuda, a protective ring for the captain, and a delicious cloak made from the pelt of displacer beasts for the Lutrinian. Of course it would be a terrible tragedy if any lasting harm were to befall timothy, but should the unthinkable happen I’m sure such a cloak would suit your service well. As it happens, Barkus himself was present at Verbig’s and told us to meet him at the Dragon’s Claw for lunch after we finished our errands.

After finishing up at Verbig’s we made our way to our newly finished ship and set about the delightful business of claiming quarters. Fortunately the ship is well fit to accommodate the needs of her officers and we are spared the indignity of sharing quarters with the common seamen…unless of course we wish to indulge in that very indignity; after all, some of the men do seem …delicious. We also established some roles for at least a portion of the officers. Rolf as the captain, obviously. Kuda is well suited to the task of celestial navigation and I trust he will prove most adept at charting our course. Timothy will likely spend a good deal of time on lookout duty either from the crow’s nest or the water itself. I myself will stand as Bo’sun and ensure the crew maintains vigilant diligence

Eventually we made way to the tavern to meet with Barkus and his friends- the minotaur Bronzefist we had met previously and an Air Genasi named Nadiv with a serious attitude problem. All that to say, we have learned there is some fuckery afoot. A number of commercial ships bound for Tantras & [insert city name] departing from Nyth and Telflamm have gone missing underway somewhere between the port towns of Dilpur and Lyrabar. Rumors have it that a “ghost ship” is responsible for the disappearances.

According to Nadiv the ships that have gone missing were all carrying agents of the Harper’s returning from Thay with information about the goings on in Szass Tam’s playground. I suspect that these haughty meddling fucks have brought this on themselves with their interference. All the same an opportunity to peek into Thay could be profitable and Barkus has been kind in his patronage. Despite my personal feelings towards the Harpers this job is likely to pay handsomely.

Although your previous message indicated no evidence of a ghost ship within your sight, there appears to be some vessel that could be described as such on the horizon. I suppose it’s time to put the Vicious Seaward to the test.

Your Servant,