Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 28: The Ardragon's Agreement

And the Harper's Help

KudaToken.pngAs told by Kuda of the Bara.

Kuda quietly leaves the Dragon’s Maw and hoofs down to the shore. He whispers to the water, and a small V wake shoots away after a short conversation. Somewhere in the Sea of Fallen Stars, a slippery fish slips aside a ship of supple vines where satyrs screw in the sun. The fish calls out in Kuda’s voice:

Bara Boys -

I hope this slippery dick finds you well. I’ve been thinking of you all since you came, and I promise to send more dick when I can.

Preston was still mentally ill, so he, Rolf, and Timothy went back to the Eldath priestess, Estelle Greymantle. I stayed with Ghaisek and Gaemon in the very likely event they got into trouble and needed a healing hand. I’m not sure what happened while they were away, but Preston felt better, Timothy was acting more secretive than usual, and Rolf was… well, Rolf.

While they were gone, we tried various ways to get through the barrier but were not successful. Gaemon finally remembered he could summon animals too, so now we have this horse with us. His name is Neigh Sayer, and he has a fancy hat. I love him. With nothing else better do we, we romped a bit. The Bara do it better.

Ghaisek spooked up a ghost (big surprise) who could get through the wards. Preston took the ghost deep in him and did the deed. Turns out the ghosts were all teachers and students who were trapped by the school’s wards. They asked us to bury their bones, and I had never wished for mold earth more. We explored around the school and found an alchemy jug, an awesome ring, a fantastic cape, and some tools which I’m trying to figure out.

We then had to find a way to get Neigh Sayer out of the hole, and I explained to Gaemon how I can poof Buoy to a safe place and quickly bring him back. I don’t think he was able to figure it out which isn’t surprising for a follower of the bitch queen. After several failed attempts, I turned into a giant eagle and carried him out. We told the villagers who had been throwing their trash there to stop since the area is a graveyard. They were not happy, but I’m sure Estelle will enforce it.

We made our way back to Ravensbluff and met a dickish friend of Barkus. By the looks of him, I assume he had blue balls which probably accounted for the dickishness. I would have helped, but I think Preston was into him. After some brief fun playing with Timothy and Rolf’s tools at the bath house, I played with those other tools and snuck to the shore to send this message. Barkus expects to see us this morning, so I will end here and dream of being on the sea with you once again.

May Selune’s silver stars watch over and guide you,

P.S. I’m almost out of seaweed. Send moar plz.

Kuda smiles longingly at the sea as the slippery dick fish slips away. He makes his way back to the Dragon’s Maw to snuggle up again with Timothy and Rolf.


Raw notes:

Ghaisek, Gaemon, and Kuda stay in the hole and try to find a way through the barrier.

Rolf, Timothy, and Preston go back to the priestess to cure Preston’s feeblemind. Timothy finds a ring of shooting stars hidden in the keep.

Ghaisek goes to find the professor who can cast the spell to get past the force wall. They return in a hilarious manner where they drop down and meet the rest of the group.
Ghost possesses Preston and casts the spell through a scroll.

Go and talk to ghosts which are the apprentices and teachers. They ask us to bury their bodies. We find behind a wall the “gifts of magic” which are crafting tools. Use unknown

Timothy goes exploring while we bury bodies. Find alchemy jug.

Master’s bedroom: Find billowing cape and ring of spell storing: containing wall of force.

Gaemon won’t vanish the horse. Try a few ways to get him out which fail. Turn into a giant eagle and take neigh sayer out of the hole. Let the people know they can’t throw trash in there since it’s a graveyard.

Make it back to Ravensbluff. Lady Raven lets us know that Barkus is in town and wants to meet. Meet Nadiv – a friend of Barkus who is kind of a dick. Retire to the bathhouse for the night.