Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 25: Journey to the River's Head

Fire River is Made of Water

Ghaisek_token.pngAs told by Ghaisek.

Mistress Andariel,

I am continuing to travel with the crew of The Vicious Seaward in an effort to accrue power and establish connections on your behalf in the Moonsea region. We have not gone much farther than my last update after we saved the Mist Dragon from that foul Deep Dragon at the behest of the scholars from the Master’s Library.

We decided to stop through an abandoned temple to Dumathoin on the way to the rumored location of an abandoned dragon’s lair. I can’t for certain whether anyone else on the crew has any ulterior motives for investigating these places or if, as I suspect, it is simply an opportunity for treasure and glory. I will be sure to pass on any useful or curious information to you-particularly any secrets of Dumathoin that we uncover.

Now, onto the important things. As we rested on the river bank the druid, Kuda, felt the call of Tyranthraxis calling us towards the fabled pool of radiance. At this point we have too little information for me to make any reasonable assumptions about the implications; but it is certainly a thing to keep an eye on.

Speaking of things to keep an eye on, it might be worth the effort to send some agents up to Avernus and figure out what that uppity bitch Tiamat is scheming. As we approached the abandoned temple to Dumathoin that I mentioned earlier we encountered some servants of hers. An obnoxious, although attractive, dragonborn bearing the mark of Tiamat waylaid us with some strange Draconian humanoids. We did great violence to them and killed them, however in the fighting one of the Draconians nearly turned Timothy to stone. According to my reckoning, this is an unacceptable overstepping on the part of Tiamat’s lackeys. I personally will take offense if my friend Timothy should be killed in such a meaningless and useless fashion. But more importantly our master, Asmodeus, will almost certainly be quite put out if a mortal he has plans for is killed unnecessarily.

I will continue to keep you updated as things progress.

Your servant,