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Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 24: One Dragon Too Many

Whose liar is it anyway?

TimothyToken2.pngAs told by Timothy.

Hey Petal,

I tried writing to Mom some time ago but never heard back. I guess they are still mad at me. Are you? I know things got scary, but I never meant for anything bad to happen.

I’m no longer running with that crowd, so things are much better. I have new friends who seem to like me and want me around, I’ve found a way to put my skills to use and I have someone who is helping me learn to channel my stuff!

I was thinking about you because I made friends with an actual dragon, a nice one! In fact, I saved its life with the help of the crew I’m running with.

We had gone to this huge library in the mountains…it was huge. Well, one of the people in this crew though they would be clever and sneak a dagger past this portal thingy and we kinda got in trouble, but not bad trouble. Anyway, to make up for it, the librarians asked us to go check on this Mist Dragon! Make sure it was OK. How cool is that!

The crew and I had to climb up this steep cliff along this narrow path. It was very scary. Our captian Rolf was so brave we all just followed his example. I drew a picture of him on the back so you can see how handsome he is. He’s also sweet and fun to be around. You’d like him!

Once we got to the cave, Ghaisek sent his imp inside to get the lay of the land. The imp’s name is Caliban. Ghaisek is very mean to it, so I don’t think it gives it’s best to him. They are another guy on the crew, Captain Rolf seems to trust him but I could tell him some things!!

Anyway, the imp say that there were some drow in the cave and that made us suspicious. Also all these strange purple mushrooms. Now, I know Uncle Yip would tell you to always be suspicious of drow, but that is not true. These drow were just suspicious because they were in a Mist Dragon’s cave and seemed to be part of a gang.

So Ghaisek and I started sneaking through the cave to see if we could get a drop on them and it was while sneaking, I met the dragon!! It seemed to be sleeping, but I knew something funny was going on.

Once we were all in place, Captain Rolf signaled us to let the fight commence! It was epic because you know what the drow had with them….a giant spider!! It was very scary. Preston was knocked unconscious. I nearly went down. Ghaisek was surrounded by drow. Kuda was rushing to try and help Captain Rolf. Luckily, I had a magic gem in my pocket and was able to call up some help.

Now, even though I don’t like how Ghaisek treats his imp and I think he is not always honest with Rolf, I still sent my elemental friend to help him. It’s important to remember Petal to do the right thing by your crew no matter what!!! My elemental fried was able to rescue Ghaisek and then go and help out Captain Rolf!

With the drow gone, I thought the dragon would be able to talk to me, but instead I heard something mean. “Get out and I’ll let you live” Now I didn’t think a mist dragon that works for the library would be that mean, but we needed to recoup from our battle.

Now we had to figure out how to approach this. By this time, Captain Rolf had accidently stepped on one of these mushrooms and the spores from it made him instantly drunk. We knew we had to get rid of those to help fight whatever else was in there with the Mist Dragon. Of course, Ghaisek decided to set off a fireball and burn the mushrooms away, angering the other creature.

Guess what it was, Petal. It was ANOTHER DRAGON! But this was a mean mushroom dragon. Preston and Kuda acted quickly to try and contain the dragon behind a fire wall and fire off another fireball on it. Once the firewall went up, we all heard the dragon fighting something, but the damn wall kept us from seeing. I was still able to get a few shots off.

This other dragon, however, could dig and popped up besides Captain Rolf. Everyone kept trying to take it down, but it took me to do it Petal. It was a bad dragon who was hurting the Mist Dragon. You would have been so proud or your big brother.

Anyway, after we cleared all the mushrooms off the mist dragon he was so grateful, he gave us some gold and Rolf a special shield and me special mask!

Listen, I don’t think Mom and Dad would be like us talking, so don’t tell them we are. I put some gold in the package for you, don’t tell Dad! If you wanna get a hold of me, you can write to me in Raven’s Bluff. I think it should be safe now.

Wish I could be with you on your special day.

Your big brother,


Great, exciting adventure log! Drow, Mist Dragon, Giant Spider, Elemental! Such wonderful beasts. But could there be anything more literally alluring than a “mean mushroom dragon”? I think not…..

I really enjoyed reading this adventure log. Well done!


Session 24: One Dragon Too Many