Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 23: The Master's Library

And the Search for Knowledge

BuoyToken.pngAs told by Buoy and Kuda of the Bara.

Oh boy! I get to do the log again, and that makes me very happy! The crew went on a mission from the big horn fellow and said to go to master’s library at the temple of dinner. I like dinner, and I’m glad master made a temple to it. There’s a reading room at dinner we’re supposed to go to, and I guess that’s where master looks at the menu.

While they were preparing to go, master played with his new toy and created a new eyeball water mask for me! And that makes me very happy.

Kuda snatches his book back from Buoy

Forgive the teeth marks on the next few pages. Buoy heard we were going to the master’s library and he thought it was mine.

We start climbing the mountain pass. There’s not a knot that not one naughty person knew, but we eventually came up with the highwayman’s hitch to get up the pass. There’s a door with a bunch of symbols on it, and I picked up the first stick I could find that Rolf wasn’t chewing on to trace some patterns. We eventually get in to look at some pretty crystals, (which aren’t quite as shiny as the new one I found) and dispense with that before our time runs out.

To get into the reading room, Rolf is told to give up his prescription reading sword but is reluctant to do so. He finally does but not before Ghaisek tries to skirt the rules by giving that shit gibbon a knife.

Turns out the reading room is just that… you read. No books. Just read. We can request some books to research and all of us retire to different rooms to do just that. Preston looks at the porn, Ghaisek researches lost gods, Rolf looks at comics of space monsters, Timothy got into the tentacle porn, and I looked at old star maps. I’ve included my hastily written notes here, and I’ll add some other pages for the rest of the folks as they give them to me.

Kuda’s notes
This astral chart is from at least 300-500 years old.
savras at the top and much brighter (Because It’s the one I’m attuned to at the moment?)
Amaunator’s – eternal sun. Looks like equidistant stars around it.
See a dragon scale. This is Ibrandul.
See another that doesn’t look like a constellation. It doesn’t have the typical picture. It’s a triangle that is really fuzzy and cloudy. From the research this is Leira.
As I’m about to close the book, I find a hidden pocket. There’s a folded up piece of parchment. It’s a message sent signed by the author of the book. It says that there are two additional constellations that people should be aware of but didn’t include for everyone’s eyes. One looks like a flame “Tyranthraxis” and the other is a series of stars that create a serpent is “Dendar.”

Timothy researched the Order of the Kraken and discovered they were involved in the following: Attempted kidnapping of Heceton which caused the sundering of the order of giants. Attempted summoning of the princes of the Apocalypse working in conjunction with the various elements.

The next few days we spend researching some of the other areas and monsters we were given from the tricks at the bathhouse. The librarian caught the shit gibbon with the dagger, so now we’re told to go check on their mistdragon. I say send the imp, but the stars are saying we must go.