Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 22: Back in Ravens Bluff

A Little Rowdy Rest and Relaxation

As Told by The Dungeon Master.

Verbig the Helpful

Verbig_the_Helpful.jpgThe first thing our sea weary pirated do is visit their friend Verbig the Helpful at The Devil’s Hand Emporium of Magic. Verbig needs to be better at keeping notes on what his customers are looking for. The good news is he has procured or started to procure many items for our heroes. He was able to find Moon Sickle for Kuda and a Rod of the Pact Keeper for Ghaisek, but he is still working on the Cloak of Displacement for Timothy. Verbig promises to keep working on that very rare item.

The Stars Out of Phase

Kuda is asked if he has figured anything out about his new astral shard that he received. Kuda lights the shard and Ghaisek quickly realizes that the star map are the stars that they are familiar with…but they somehow seem to be from another time; probably in the past. The constellations that are shown also seem to be unknown to them. Rolf attempts to help Kuda concentrate on the new systems. While Rolf is no help what so ever in the process (he is easily dick-stracted), Kuda’s focus is drawn to a constellation that looks like a sword dripping with blood. He makes a replica of what he sees. It isn’t known to anyone, so Rolf asks his sword friend if it looks familiar. “Oh yes, that is the sign of Garagos, the Bloodreaver. He is an old god of War.” It appears that this astral shard may be connected to past gods of Faerun.

A Night in the Dragon’s Maw

Our pirate pals have been at sea for a while and they are eager to wash of the dirt and get a little dirty. So, of course they head to the Dragon’s Maw. The warm humid air only accentuates the sound of splashing water and and ecstasy within it’s halls.

Haryn_and_Sylrym.jpgKuda and Ghaisek venture into the left side pool. Kuda catches the eyes of a couple who convince him to join them. As they explore each other’s bodies the couple asks Kuda if any of his friends want to join them. Kuda beacons telepathically to the party. Since Ghaisek is in the room, he coaxes a sexy high elf paladin to join them. They enjoy the pleasures that only another man’s body can provide.

Once all have had their fill, The couple tell Kuda that they were recently adventuring on the coast where the Fire River meets the Dragon’s Reach. While there they were confronted by three old women selling trinkets. However, when they refused to buy any the women threatened to curse them. Ever since, they have been plagued by misfortune.

Peren.jpgGhaisek has opened an entire new world of pleasure to the young high elf. He tells Ghaisek that he was recently sent to Ironfang Keep to investigate rumors that Red Wizards of Thay had been seen. He is in the process of heading back to his masters to tell them that he has confirmed that the Red Wizards are definitely in the region and he fear that they may be looking for some ominous magic.

Hagan_sfw.jpgIn the meantime, Timothy has found a very buff and well endowed half-orc in the right room pool. He isn’t very smart but he makes up for his dumb in other areas. Timothy asks the man if he can be so honored as to pleasure him. The half-orc grunts and allows Timothy to proceed. He is extremely good at his job and is rewarded with a hot, juicy reward. Hagan the half-orc then goes on to tell Timothy about an ancient library located in the Earthfast Mountains. Rumors are that it is guarded by a Mist Dragon.

Norric.jpgRolf has decided to go hang out in the pillow room. There are many eager men here, but he is drawn to the buff, furry halfing named Norric. The halfling is already three sheets to the wind but is more than willing to be Rolf’s good boy. Rolf is no stranger to animalistic encounters and eagerly takes what his good boy offers. The two of them make quite the mess in the pillow room and find themselves knotted up for several minutes after both have reached completion. As they cuddle and recover, Norric tells Rolf about an old wizardry school that he has been looking for. Rumor has it that this school, once located in the Highbank Forest, has been lost for centuries. However, there have been tales of ancient spellbooks and scrolls being found in the region.

While the rest of the party is enjoying the gifts of the flesh, Preston retreats to one of the back rooms to spend some quality time with his new pup. The wispy shadows seem clear and crisp in the darkened room. However a noise startles the creature. To Preston’s shock shadow quadruples in size and turns to growl at the door. Preston calms the creature and answer the door. It is a large satyr looking for a good time. Preston informs him that he isn’t looking for company at this time. He returns to pay attention to the shadow only to see it shrink back down into a cute pup.