Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 21: The Gray Oozy Death

And an Ally Earned

TimothyToken2.pngLetter burned on an alter to Asmodeus by Timothy.

To whomever the voice in my head at night is,

Maybe it’s time I just gave in and paid attention to you. I mean, I’m tired of all this hapless shit happening to me and think I should just embrace it all.

Case in point….

Fucking oozes…. right after I bitched about people summoning stuff or touching stuff. I wind up touching a thing and having oozes fall from the ceiling on top of me. Then, of course, rather than just blasting the things, Ghaesik just uses that stupid wand. I swear to whomever I’m just going to sneak into their room and break it one of these days.

GrayOoze.pngAnd those were some beefy oozes. It took us way too long to take them down. We shot them, fireballed them…Rolf grew twice as big but didn’t get to hit them as it just liked punched him in his new large gut and took him down. Those things just kept on coming. Took beams and spells and just…. damn. (SO glad Preston and Kuda can lay that stuff down)

And the thing I was reaching for when the oozes dropped on me turned out to be…. a tin with some dust to dry powder. Where in the hell would I ever need this?

And then your little acolyte…despite us trying to be smart just runs to the gnome skeleton in the corner. Had to stop him from just grabbing shit. Gaemon stays behind to smash the thing for no reason. I mean, I’d already grabbed the Goggles of Night the gnome was wearing. I think they are trying to drive me crazy. (I know, maybe I shouldn’t assume everyone is trying to hurt me, but given my history…can you blame me?)

Then we get halfway back from the pit before we remember we forgot the thing we were going there to get. Bronzefist was happy we cleared out his mine and was happy to get the totem back. He initiated an orgy, but I just needed some one-on-one time with someone to get this frustration out. I think Rolf and Gaemon and Kuda joined in with him. I’m guessing everyone else just watched.

We’re back on the Viscous Seaward and getting ready to figure out our next move.

So, if you kept me alive on purpose and want me to start actually doing stuff for you…make this shit happen better.

Your (potential) acolyte,