Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 20: The Secret of the Sisterhood

PrestonToken.pngAs told by Preston Digitation.

Today’s performance was another day of adventuring, and there’s so many things I really want to jot down before I forget. It all started with these beautiful colors filling my vision. I’m not sure why, but it really got me thinking creatively about future magic shows…I’ll include some production thoughts in the margins here. It was quite the light show, there were even some spotlights summoned by the snake ladies. I really think they were trying to steal the show from us…not gonna happen on my watch!

At the end of the scene, we discovered a ton of wonderful treasures on an altar to Yeenoghu (I’ve made a sketch of the altar on the back of the page – maybe a future stage design?). There were a lot of things: Shiny new armor, a fancy ring, a cool mace. Kuda found a really cool crystal that showed some weird stars or something…I’ve GOT to figure out how that one is done!!

We went back to that danger pit, and Rolf yelled at the weird magic door (They called it a summoning circle?) until it mostly stopped working. We all exited (stage down?) and Gaemon was able to hit the circle with his hammer to stop it completely. We took a look around briefly, but the next scene started pretty quickly – Oozes! (Two people in the same costume?). I should probably be focusing on that instead of writi-


Glass shard whip (Rolf) – Whip +1, when you crit with this weapon it is a direct hit to the face and reduces the targets charisma by 1

Cat Claw Mace ( ) – Mace +1, the target must make a DC 12 Con save or take 1d4 damage until they can receive healing or succeed in a medicine check.

Ring of Jumping (Timothy)

Adamantine Armor (Rolf)

Infernal Astrolabe Crystal (Kuda)