Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 19: More Secrets of the Sisterhood

KudaToken.pngAs told by Kuda of the Bara.

While the others rest in the tiny hut, Kuda sits cross hoofed in the center, removes the astrolabe from his belt buckle, and attaches the sapphire crystal to it. He uncorks the decanter of endless water and cups his hands while speaking softly in druidic. As water begins to pour from the decanter, he speaks again using shape water to create a perfect sphere of ice around him. Bright points of light emanate from the crystal and form star patterns which dance across the sphere. He begins to chant a prayer to Selune…

selune__1_.jpgOur Lady, who art in the Moon,
Water/snakes be our bane.
Elementals did come,
The crew got them done -
Though we didn’t deal like any damage.
Give us this day
A way out of this cave,
And help smite these devils
as we dishevel sneks as we try to level.
Lead us to the portal,
And deliver us some treasure,
For thine is the Queendom,
The Power,
And the Light beyond measure.

After creating a Kuda-sized hole in the ice, he emerges and drops into Rolf and Sir Swallow’s laps.

Ahhhh.. men.