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Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 18: Deep Dark Holes

Frayed Nerves and Hidden Fiends

TimothyToken2.pngUnsent letter found crumpled in the bottom of Timothy’s bag

Captain Rolf.

I think we were all a little shaken by that devil suddenly showing up so I wanted to make you understood my side of everything that happened. By the way, I totally agree we were fine just taking a little nap and not trying to sleep in that cavern.

SkeletalMino.jpegSo, we were walking through those caverns, for some reason Gaemon, the least stealthy of us all just running ahead when he found that Minotaur skeleton with those bronze gauntlets. We told him not to touch it and he just does it anyway. I know he likes dead stuff, but if he’s just gonna randomly touch shit that will kill us. He did that same shit when we were trying to sneak up on that alter just a few weeks ago with his clanky armor.

I know he took him down fairly easily, but we just waste resources. What if another devil just showed up and we were all out of shit.

We got so distracted talking about it we almost blindly walked into that lamia and her little friend. Another devil from the snake people. An actual arcanoloth! Thank Lathander Ghaisek was on top of things! They warned us before we all just walked sauntered into the cave. It’s just lucky you and I weren’t hit by that fireball. I mean, it almost took down poor Kuda.

Aracanaloth.jpegI’ll admit, Gaemon was good for jumping down that hole, so that recklessness comes in handy…but still! And yes, that was a neat trick misty stepping to that rope. But let’s face it, Preston’s casting sickening radiance saved the day. That was a way better plan!! We were able to get away because of that and get into that hut.

But your right, we should just let it go and try to work together better.

I mean, we did seem to be back on track the next morning. Ghaesik’s imp was able to find all that treasure. I think we can agree it’s much easier to keep out of trouble with their imp scouting ahead and finding everything. Until it got ganked again.

Then, what do you know, there’s Gaemon… just touching prying away gems without looking for traps and summoning elementals to fight. I mean, as the rogue….stealing shit is my job!

Know what, never mind….I shouldn’t be so sensitive. I’m just going through some personal shit. I’m not sleeping well lately. Maybe it’s clouding my judgement. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Fine.


What a lovely adventure log. Well designed, with good links and pics. Very humorous. Comprehensive enough and yet not too long.

Session 18: Deep Dark Holes