Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 17: The Greathorn Ore Mine

The Sssisssterhood

SpreaToken.pngAs recounted by Sprey D’Eagle.

Dear Aunt Umbra,

So…something happened that I think you could help me out with a little. I guess I should give a little backstory first though.

Bronzefist.jpgWe went out to the Great Horn Minotaurs camp to try to bring some big ol’ minotaur named Bronze Fist back to Raven’s Bluff with us. He wasn’t really keen on it at first, but he said if we helped take care of their problem in their mine nearby. Apparently they were having trouble with snake people and hyena…people?

Either way, the night before we went into the mine, Kuda gave himself some really fancy tattoos that he said would really help us in battle. Then, right as we entered the cave Rolf wanted to prep us for battle and gave a really rousing speech. It was quite animated and physical, but I felt really pumped for what awaited us in the cave even though I was still pretty nervous. It was…pretty dark in the cave, but I’ve been able to master some the Astral techniques that Uncle tried teaching me before I left and could see okay in the dark.

Gaisek tried using their imp to scout out the mine, but just as it saw what was ahead, the snake people noticed it and started preparing to attack. They mentioned something about taking us to a Pit because their Mistress was coming (they really hissed a lot while saying that). Right as I turned the corner to attack them though, I saw them and couldn’t stop myself from just walking right up to them and standing there while they attacked!

SerpLamia.jpgEveryone was able to take down the snake people without my help though, but as the last one fell we started hearing the howling. Kuda and Preston were quick thinking and laid some magical traps down that helped stop the incoming hyena people and snake people in their tracks. One of them made me fall asleep somehow, and that’s when I “saw” something weird.

I hadn’t slept with my Astral self summoned before, but I have these…memories of what was going on when I was asleep. They’re hazy though. All I know is that at some point a big devil creature appeared right by me and Gaisek. It was attacking the hyena creatures at first, but then started attacking us. Even me! Which very quickly woke me up. Maybe one of the snake people summoned it, but why would it have attacked their own people? I’m not really sure what happened, so I was hoping you’d help me figure this out.

It seems like we’ve cleared out a part of the mine, but we have no idea how much further we need to go. I think we’re all tired though, we needed a good rest before continuing further. Hopefully this’ll make it harder for them to make me fall asleep again.

Hope all is well, and that you all have been okay on the road.

Your Sprey