Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 16: The Vicious Seaward Sets Sail

The Greathorn Minotaurs

RolfToken.pngAs told by Rolf the Red, Captain of the Vicious Seaward.

Captain’s Log Day 1

I get to write that now. Because I’m the captain. Of a ship. Full of friends.


The weapon and leader-voice practice I’ve been doing actually worked! Kuda got the same number of votes as me, but he didn’t want the title. I don’t even know what to feel about that. Deep breaths, Rolf. After we celebrated a job well done with the Lady Raven, Barkus told us he had a lead on the Kraken’s Bane, but he needed help. An old friend/lover, now living in the Earthspur Mountains to the north: A minotaur named Bronzefist. Timothy asked if that was his real name, but most of us agreed a name is real if it’s what you want to be called. Like how Rolf is my name Anyway, Barkus wanted Bronzefist back as his first mate since his husband was murdered, and revenge is best with friends. Based on a tip, we go shopping for supplies: first to Verbig for magic gear upgrades and requests (I got a shield!), then the sundry shop to fill in some missing armor and equipment needs, and finally a candy shop for a barrel of 400 sugar skulls… My first order as captain was to party, and my second was to buy enough sweets to bribe a minotaur The trip will take a few days, so we cast a net for a crew to man the Vicious Seaward, then went to the Dragon’s Maw for some fun. A half-elf named Bellas fooled me into thinking he was a satyr, but I think we both enjoyed the aggressive results (I fucked him good). Timothy ran off, chased by a gnome barbarian named Dippal, and when he got back he needed another washing. Ghaisek was used by an aarakokra named Corvid that gave him some good perspective, while Gaemon had a dirty time with a human named Robin. I don’t think either of them liked their experience a lot, but not my place to guess, I guess. Preston serviced a hunky prince before getting railed, and Sprea cuddled with and was dommed by a mystical person with a lamp. Kuda watched and enjoyed it all from our mental links. Wait, can y’all read my mind when I’m writing this right now??? GO AWAY THIS IS PRIVATE CAPTAIN TIME.

Captain’s Log Day… dammit already lost count.

Bronzefist.jpgWe got to Mole Master fine and the minotaurs are fine and everything is fine concerned about some Yawntee snake people Yuan-ti magicians taking their mine and attacking their homes and stealing their totems. Bronzefist enjoyed the sugar skulls we brought and said as a favor to Barkus, he’d be happy to come find the Kraken’s Bane if we could protect his tribe from this threat. We vouched for Ghaisek and promised to help. We’ve got some fights ahead. Deep breaths, Captain Rolf.