Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 15: The Spellcasting Frogs of the Flooded Forest

Search for the Spawning Stone

Ghaisek_token.pngAs told by Ghaisek.


I am pleased to report that I have been successful in the task you put before me. As you are no doubt aware, our crew made our way deeper into the flooded forest in search of the sunken city. As we came nearer to our destination, we encountered another group of travelers in search of the city. An unforeseen working of magic, from this wand I acquired, caused Rolf to be upset by the “unnecessary” risk of random spellwork. Consequently, I opted to take a more diplomatic approach to our meeting with this group of wanderers-although my instinct was to incinerate them on the spot.

We ended up making camp with these strangers and learned from their leader, “Brother Paul”, that they were in search of the sunken city to seek out the wisdom of the so-called Frog Sage. The fervor with which Brother Paul spoke combined with the mindless obedience of his companions was immediately concerning. Fanatics certainly have their uses, but I find that left unchecked they cause more trouble than they are worth.

Gaemon, Preston, and Rolf slept in the hollow of some rocks near Brother Paul’s camp, while Sprea, Kuda, and I slept in various places outside. Timothy of course has a penchant for getting into trouble and opted to sleep with brother and one of his companions in the main tent.

Green_slaad-5e.jpgIn the middle of the night, Brother Paul attacked Timothy and revealed himself to be a green slaad. Once the ruckus woke the rest of our group from sleep I returned my thoughts to a more incendiary solution.

As fights go, the crew acquitted themselves quite well. I’d even suggest that it was one of our more cleanly executed battles -especially in light of how potentially poorly we were positioned for such a fight.

GraySlaad.jpgWe continued on to the sunken city itself where we encountered a spellcasting grey slaad. The crew proved quite capable of dealing with the threat and were quite helpful in following your instructions to sever the link between the “spawning stone” and the Prime Material. They did have some questions regarding the source of my information that I did not see fit to answer at the time. A small bit of pressure on Timothy in regards to his connection to our Master proved helpful in convincing him to encourage the rest of the crew to carry on without asking too many questions. That said, I imagine the time is quickly coming where they will try and nail me down on some answers. It may serve purpose of finding out more about Timothy’s past in order to leverage his support.

After we completed our business in the sunken city we returned to Raven’s Bluff via Ylraphon and found that the construction of our ship The Vicious Seaward has been completed. We are headed back to the Dragon’s Claw Tavern to speak with Lady Raven and Barkus and receive our next task.

Hail Asmodeus,