Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 14: What is Red and Blue and Green All Over

If It Looks Like a Cult

GaemonToken.pngAs told by Gaemon Swallows.

My dear sweet Umberllee,
I write this soliloquy as I think of thee

After picking off pixies, we purveyed the praying perch
Scratching off a rune we gave the site a search

The base beheld a brand, the Black hand of lord Bane
Kuda cleansed sigil from stone, to cease this false gods claim

Onward we traveled, Timothy trailing tidings of thieves
We stumbled upon wicked smell of death amongst trees

CorpseFlower.pngMaking our approach, Kuda found a corpse flower
I think that he smokes it to create his odd star power

As Kuda culled cuttings, the Cordia came to be a carnivorous cabbage
Seeping smells sheepened the stomachs of Sprea and I most savage

The vile vegetation vomited vicious victimized ventures of yore
Gaesik’s gaze glazed, grimly launching eldritch blast, as we’ve seen before

Preston’s fingers flew fabulous flames frying fatally our foes, smoking from the tips
Rolfs poniard projectile pierced plant on point ,thrown from the hips

Timothy swam slime in stream, shooting safely from shore
Taking one for the team as a Navy Seal Otter, adorbe

With the war almost won Gaesick wove his wacky wand for wauggery
And by perchance poofed the prized plant from the plotted perch, Buggery

Lost in soaked swamp Sprea soared to the skys
Spotting smoke from a campfire we surmised

Upon careful approach Timothy and team A made new friends
Though still skeptical team B hung back round the bends

Priest.jpgBrother Paul seemed…. to nice, and offly fond of a frog
Seemed possibly their minds might be lost in a fog

Braun, Alitta and Lexi add, make for a marry ol band
Against better judgement we all walk up and join clan

After an arm wrestle, a dinner, and slight exchange of tales
We made up our camp and our group plans to set sail

Timothy forgetting his supplies, with mischievous intent
Decided to stay with Brother Paul in his tent

I don’t claim to know much about this wild land
But staying with him seems a terrible plan

As I write, as I fight, cleansing your world of foul blight in name of the
Bless me, in your way, that I can bring your chaos to the fray my sweet Umberllee



Brother Paul, Braun, Alitta, Lexi (Alexand-her)