Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 13: The Vampire Pixies of the Mist

Ghaisek_token.pngAs told by Ghaisek.

Greetings Mistress,

I trust the creature Caliban has kept you apprised of goings on here on the material plane (though I may give the wretch too much credit), but it seemed appropriate to provide a formal update. As you know, we had previously traveled to Ylraphon with intent to seek power and enrichment in the nearby flooded forest.

After dealing with that tentacle beast at the house of Moander we took some time to rest and recover from grievous injury -for those among our number careless enough to suffer such wound. Following our rest, we noticed that many of our capabilities had increased. I myself take note of your intervention in such matters of fortune, and offer gratitude for recognition of faithful service.

We soon set feet to purpose, and marched deeper into the flooded forest in search of the sunken city. The Lutrinian, Timothy, led the way for us following encoded messages left through the forest. He has some connection to our Master in Nessus, but is reticent on the topic. I will endeavor to find out more on this matter in due course.

Fearing the possibility of beguiling fey magics, the bard Rolf played songs for a journey towards a purpose of fortifying our minds against such influence. I believe there is some potential for gain in cultivating friendship with Rolf. He is charming and naïve in equal measure, proving himself loyal companion and valuable ally.

Eventually we found a warning posted to “Beware: Winged Fangs”. Were it not for the rumors of vampiric pixies I would have considered such warning to be the product of a deranged mind. In short measure we found ourselves accosted by the very same. We came across an altar in the forest rich with coin and warded by a permanent enchantment of spike growth.

Aradni.jpgWhile investigating the altar we were attacked by a pair of these fey creatures along with a cadre of gnolls. A cleverly placed fireball from Preston made short work of the gnolls but the fey proved a greater nuisance. Something within the mists laying over the region seemed to sap us of the very essence of vitality and transfer it in full measure to those vicious little cunts. There seemed to be some magic in the arrows they fired. One such arrow rendered Sprey unconscious in a single hit. Another arrow resulted in immediate cries of terror from Rolf leading me to the conclusion that some enchantment must lay on the arrows. (I doubt whether Rolf has the good sense to actually feel terror without some form of magical inducement, but i suppose that is part of his charm).

Once the violence had ended it became quickly apparent that the gnolls with the fey were mere slaves and unlikely to prove as threat. Some of our number expressed regret at the deaths of those pitiful creatures. In truth, we granted them freedom from the sorrowful mewling existence to which they had been condemned.

I have enclosed with this missive the preserved form of one of these vampiric fey so that you may pass it to others in your service for study. The satyr Kuda was quite useful in preparing the preservative solution. Take note of my continued success in acquiring assistance to purpose from these that would serve lesser masters.

Hail Andariel in her glory, Hail Asmodeus Lord of the Ninth.

Your servant,




  • 9062gp 5sp (Party Gold)
  • 3883gp 9sp 3cp (Individual Gold)
  • Spell Scroll (lvl 1) – Frost Fingers – Sell
  • Potion of Healing (greater) – Sprea
  • Potion of Fire Breath – Sprea
  • Potion of Growth – Rolf
  • Potion of Resistance (Cold) – Gaemon
  • Elemental Gem (Blue Sapphire – Air Elemental) – Timothy