Campaign of the Month: May 2022

Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 12: Flooded Forest, Ho!

The House of Moander

SpreaToken.pngAs told by Sprey D’Eagle.

From Sprey’s Journal, one of several unsent letters:

Uncle Adler,

Gosh I hope you all are doing okay. I’m not sure where Mr. Mooney and the circus have made their way to now, but I hope you’ve been able to go with them.

As for me, our crew has made it to the town of Ylrpahon in search of the mysteries of the Flooded Forest. We weren’t sure what to expect from this place, so before heading out we stocked up on all kinds of supplies. Kuda was looking for ways to get more tattoos, which makes me feel like I need a reminder of all the tattoos he has… Ghaisek also picked up some fancy…lube/ointment thing that he immediately handed to his pet thing, so maybe that’ll come in handy. Could you let Auntie Umber know I also picked up a glassblower’s kit? I thought it was time to start using one again.

After we booked passage on a boat by working our butts off helping with the sailing, we arrived in Ylraphon and set to work learning more about what might be hidden in the Flooded Forest. While I took time to get a layout of the town and swamp, the group visited both temples of Selune and Umberlee. No one knew about the Sunken City we had heard about, but we did get tasked with clearing out “Old Moldy”. Apparently someone named Moander hadn’t done his spring cleaning and we got sent to clean his house for him.

Darktentacles.jpg Just outside the house we found a bunch of signs for joining the Convocation in the Sunken City. They made it sound like a party, but I think we all had a bad feeling about it. The house turned out to be some…sunken temple thing that some big tentacle thing had taken over. I guess instead of rats they get tentacle monsters that move into abandoned homes. We got beaten up pretty good, but it was worth it from all the treasure we found!

Everyone got some fun but powerful toys too, and I’m sure their excited to use them, but after the monster we needed some good rest. I guess we’ll be in this swamp a little bit longer and trying to learn from it. Hopefully the circus never makes it over here, it’s a little too humid for Auntie Nabis’ liking.

Take care, Uncle.May4FF.gif



  • Party Treasure – paid -475, found 9750gp = 9275 gp
  • Character Treasure – 4178 gp 5 sp 7 cp
  • Wand of Wonder (Gaesek)
  • Wand of the War Mage +2 (Preston)
  • Oathbow (Gaemon)
Session 12: Flooded Forest, Ho!