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Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Session 11: Soulforge Strikes Back

Does Anyone Speak Dwarvish?

TimothyToken2.pngExcerpt from Timothy’s Journal

14 Nightal, 1490_

We were near the Soul Forge with all the dead bodies and Kuda was going to touch it to see what it did. But the moment he touched it, it began to glow and, of course, all the bodies popped up and started attacking us, which shook up Geamon and Ghaisek who stood there…. just stood there…. for like 6 seconds! Then Preston just drops a fireball, barely missing me.

HuskZombie.jpegAnd these weren’t normal bodies…they were explode-y bodies!

Rolf distracted the guy next me so I could get away before he took me out. Then he really got really smacked down, then stunned. Luckily, I was able to kill the thing before he got hit again and Preston moved in to keep him safe while he couldn’t move. (For just a second, Rolf was kinda hot stunned and bleeding…is that an Asmodeus thing? Not sure I’m comfortable with it. Gonna have to ask Ghaisek.)

Question, journal…. does it count as a kill if the thing you stabbed a lot was already dead?

The soul forge just kept glowing, even after we dropped all the ghoulies. Tried hitting it and nothing… well took some damage. I thouight it had instructions, but I couldn’t read it. No one could read it. You know who read it. Rolf’s fucking sword. Rolf’s fucking sword could read it. When Rolf said the name “Moradin the Forger of Souls” it stopped glowing and stunning everybody.

We took the hammer from the forge…hope no one needs it. It’s in my pocket. Took a rubbing of the anvil as proof we were there. Then we slept there. It was cold and damp, but Rolf was very warm.

The next morning, Gaemon and Ghaisek went statue tipping, and we all know what happens when we let them on their own. They found a box in the bottom of one of them which said Property of the Golden Hands of Vergadain. Sprea picked up and put in the pocket.

Virbig was happy to see us. We gave him the rubbing from the soul forge. Then he wanted to map which I still say wasn’t part of the original deal. Didn’t even say goodbye or thank you when we left. Rude.

Vergadain_symbol.jpgAfter cleaning up and a quick orgy, we finally opened that box. This giant mouth jumps out and says “Similar faces are good hiding places.” Lot’s o’ goodies in there, lots of coins, some potions, and really nice arrows. Rolf tried to eat a coin because he thought the coins had more coins in them.

So now we are off to the Flooded Forrest.

P.S. Note to self, keep an eye out for things with that statues face.

P.P.S. We also finally named our ship…. Vicious Seaward!!


Party Loot – 165gp 5sp
Character Loot – 70gp 9sp 3cp (per character)
Potion of Superior Healing – Gaemon
Potion of Diminution – Timothy
Arrows +2 (2) – Timothy
Flask of Vergadain Firespirits

Session 11: Soulforge Strikes Back