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Revenge on the Kraken's Bane

Harpy, I hardly know thee

Session 2: 12th of the Nightal fair sea 3rd day

GaemonSwallows.pngAs recounted by Gaemon Swallows

Our story returns on the Silent Dagger, on a trip for the Lady Raven
After cracking some crooked kraken skulls, a warning recited the last man standing craven

His mouth did foam after talk of tentacles, so we laid the remains out to sea
Not before taking their ship for our own, we are still pirates you see

A rest and orgy, with the motion of ocean, made for a fine view for thee
Though the crew did abstain, as jobs must be a pain, all’s well more for me

We continue our journey to Hillsfar, finding a peak of the bells of the deep
Thought just as in view, we lost control of our crew, who started steering us for the keep

A swarm of vultures rolled from the fog, but was not the true villain who controlled the poor sods
A harpy at heart was taking the men, not before we did, get our good shots in
Preston took haste, knocking too much sense into our mate
Gaemons javelin flew true, though still losing the crew
Lost control of the sails, and a discounted crew, the captain took charge, to see our ship through
Our prize ship lost, in a scuff with the shore, but a small price to pay for still living aboard
Our team did eliminate all birds from the field, bringing the Harpy to front with murderous zeal
Timothy swung in from Kudas mighty meat, and with a swing of his “short”-sword did the Harpy taste defeat

Arriving at the ports of Hillsfar, we needed disguises or would not get far
The great law of humanity, who some think insanity, made racists of townsfolk and guard
Gaemon and Gaesick took lead, as the only ones passing you see
For humans not straights, we head for the gates, leading our nexus of mates
After being extorted we had not resorted, to our ways of violence and had all things sorted
This town full of racist, so we got out in quick paces, and onward we make with the heavens good graces


My cliffnotes, before I made them more fun
On the Silent Dagger gifted from Lady Layla
We head for Hillsfar
Bell of the deep
War of the netherless, you know uppity mages, doing uppity mage shit
Half of a city crashed in a forest and the rest into the moon sea
Welcome to the bell of the deep boys
Avoiding the line of the Moon Sea
12th of the Nightal fair sea 3rd day
As Vulchers entered the air, a charme took some of our good men
Preston beat a man to death, but I suppose he is not charmed anymore
As the Harpie approached she was thusly slain by Timothy, with a handful of Kudas meat to keep his balance and his “short” sword he did lay the Harpy back to the sea.
Upon arrival a quick discussion of our best approach into town, racists.
The great law of humanity
We decided I and Gaesick should lead passing most for human, with the rest in hoods
Should take the lead to get us to the farm town of cough-hack-weeze
Payed off a guard who was a racist asshole
Shrouded in disguise, our less than human companions passed with us and made it from the city east to see the wizards farm.


Addition: we ABSOLUTELY would have crashed directly into the Harpy’s (Siren’s?) Tower if Rolf hadn’t helped the remaining crew fix the sail’s direction.

Harpy, I hardly know thee

DM Notes: There was not treasure recovered in this episode; however, recall that you did all level….welcome to Level 2.

Harpy, I hardly know thee